Mina on September 3, shock revelation: nothing will be like before



Mina on September 3, shock revelation: nothing will be like before. The second season open finale will have a resounding sequel

We all wish to be like Mina Settembre, or at least have her life force. This is why the Rai 1 fiction also had a huge success with the second season. And that’s why he’ll be back in prime time, that’s for sure.

Mina on September 3, shock revelation (ANSA)

The open ending shocked the audience. Mina, who has the face of Serena Rossi, realized how meeting Viola (Ludovica Nasti) changed her life. The young girl who lives in a group home led her to make very complicated decisions, but without any hesitation.

So he looked for his biological mother, thinking he could save her. In reality, it was a global salute because she needed Viola and maybe not the other way around. It all ended with a request, that of the girl who would now like to live with her, because she understood that she values ​​her and really feels the need. “I would be happy if you became my mom,” he asks her before concluding.

Mina on September 3, shock revelation: the lives of the protagonists will change like this

So it’s all going to start from here, with a shocking revelation. Not the possible departure of Domenico (Giuseppe Zeno) who animated Mina’s love life in the first two seasons of the fiction. But rather what will happen in his private life with a period transformation.

The weekly ‘Di Più Tv’ anticipates this by explaining that the social worker will accept Viola’s request. Now she is ready to become a mother in all respects, legally, and a good part of next season will depend on this relationship.

Mina also chose Mimmo, who was basically the crowd favorite, but the greeting between the two at the end suggests the worst. Or maybe not, because he too will have an important role in the choice of the protagonist. But fans will have to be patient as filming will likely not begin until next spring. Mina Settembre, the best news is coming (ANSA)

So for Mina on September 3, we will have to wait until the end of 2023 or more probably the first months of 2024. In the meantime, however, concern is mounting among fans, because this upheaval will upset many relationships within Mina’s family. Will the almost non-existent relationship with her mother be different now that she is also a mother? We will have to wait.

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