Mina on September 2 revealed the end: Gelsomina will lose everything



The finale of Mina Settembre 2 has been revealed and will air prime time on Rai 1 on November 2. This is why things will go wrong for the social worker, who will lose everything.

It is now very close to the start of the Qatar World Cup. In order to be able to broadcast all the matches for which it has acquired the rights, Rai has modified the schedule of many fictions. Among these, there is also Mina Settembre 2. The penultimate episode will be broadcast in prime time on Rai 1 on October 30, while the final season will be broadcast on November 2.

Mina September 2: in the final Gelsomina will lose everything (photo © Rai).

While the All Saints’ Day bridge will cause some shows to be canceled, Mina Settembre audiences will be able to enjoy the second season’s grand finale over the holidays. In the penultimate episode, we will see Mina Settembre return to Procida for the resolution of the case she is working on.

Mina on September 2, what awaits us in the grand finale

Calling Mina Settembre in Procida was Gianluca, worried about the arrival of Juliette’s husband on the island. During the investigation, the protagonist will discover a secret about Gianluca. Love and its nuances will be the common thread of everything: Irene will feel torn for her feelings towards Luigi, between Titti and Giorgio everything will be difficult.

Mina September 2: during the final certain events linked to Viola will be crucial (photo © Rai).

There will also be two events from the penultimate episode of Mina Settembre 2 which will then be explored in the grand finale on November 2. The protagonist sees her mother Olga by chance on television while chatting in a bar with Rosa. The social worker’s questions are numerous: where are the two women? Why don’t you know anything about this meeting?

Olga and Viola will be at the center of the plots of the last episode

Indeed, Mina Settembre’s mother’s four-month long cruise seems increasingly strange and unbelievable. Is he hiding a secret? Forced to explain herself, her story will not be convincing. Meanwhile, the protagonist will be in serious trouble trying to help Viola find her family. Mina September 2: Olga will seem to be keeping a secret. Did you really go on a four month cruise? (photo © Rai).

For the child, who lives in foster care, the social worker will go a bit too far. She will therefore end up being denounced for having started to investigate Viola’s biological family, and will also lose her job. The protagonist, who certainly did not expect this verdict, will therefore be forced to leave the clinic.

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