Michelle Hunziker carried away in a few months: Giovanni loses his head for the very famous



“Short but intense” are the words that would come to mind for anyone thinking of the romance that unfolded between Michelle Hunziker and Giovanni Angiolini. Now the handsome doctor has lost his mind to another very famous one.

This summer, all the most famous magazines were talking only about the love story between the beautiful Michelle Hunziker and the physically fit doctor Giovanni Angiolini. Their story, however, was swept away in a matter of months, but Angiolini certainly wasted no time.

Angiolini forgets the Hunziker Solocine.it

He tried to win back the beautiful Swiss presenter, but after taking a nice two of spades, the most handsome doctor in Italy, as his fans defined him, literally lost his mind for another very famous on the show. You will never believe who we are talking about.

Michelle Hunziker’s short flirtation with Giovanni Angiolini

After the short break that Michelle Hunziker took from married life, the beautiful presenter enjoyed moments of torrid passion with Giovanni Angiolini, a young professional surgeon with a breathtaking physique. We all remember the different shots that took them this summer, but today it’s all over. Although Angiolini tried in every way to win Michelle back, even dedicating poignant posted songs to her, in response, Hunziker put his wedding ring back on his finger and unfollowed him on social media. We know that Michelle Hunziker is back with Tomaso Trussardi and is doing everything to win him back, it seems that the head has passed and she has decided to retrace her steps.

Giovanni Angiolini back in the saddle

Accepting the fact that the love affair with Michelle Hunziker is over, Giovanni Angiolini lost his mind for the former companion of Carlo Conti, the beautiful Roberta Morise. The former castaway from The Island of Famous was “pinched” with the handsome doctor as reported by the weekly Chi. For the moment, no denial and no confirmation has been reported on the social networks of those directly concerned. It will be time to give more specific information about the nature of their relationship.

Roberta Morise new flame Angiolini Solocine.it

What is certain is that for Giovanni Angiolini it is nothing more than free publicity for him. As Oscar Wilde said, “It doesn’t matter if you talk about it well or badly, the important thing is that you talk about it”. “Occhi di ice” had already tried in 2015 during its participation in the edition of Big Brother to make itself known with poor results. Could he have found the right method to make people talk about him?

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