Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso, the out-of-control girl: ‘What hurt her was…’



Michelle Hunziker’s eldest daughter, now 25, Aurora Ramazzotti, with her mother-in-law as she bids farewell to entrepreneur Tomaso Trussardi. And the involvement of Goffredo Cerza, her longtime boyfriend, for her company would also be null and void…

The support – to say the least – alive and constant in the life of the Swiss showgirl, so beloved by Italians, is the daughter Aurora Ramazzotti, had by the presenter barely twenty years old, with her first husband, or the author- Roman singer-songwriter, adored and appreciated throughout the world, Eros Ramazzotti, with whom he is today on excellent terms.

Michelle Hunziker, ex-husband Tomaso Trussardi and daughter Aurora Solocine.it

As often confided by the Swiss artist, the two have become women together, supporting and supporting each other even in the most complicated and painful moments. And when she made public the news of the end of her marriage, the second for her, with Tomaso Trussardi, with whom she gave birth to Sole and Celeste still very young, Aury decided to support her once again. Among other things, the young woman had known for some time that her famous mother was no longer happy with the entrepreneur from Bergamo. It is not for nothing, as Chi reveals to us, that he would have confided to his friends that he was really tired of seeing her suffer.

Goffredo stepped aside

Out of simple and deep respect for Michelle, Aurora would have always avoided exposing her displeasure with what her mother was going through, that is, a painful and very deep crisis with her second husband Tomaso Trussardi which – apparently – had already lasted at the time of the first confinement very exhausting, but he would have – nevertheless – confided his frustration, very strong, to those around him.

Then there is a detail that would reflect the coldness of family relations, namely the lack of involvement of Goffredo Cerza, her boyfriend since 2017, in the vast and very fascinating professional world of Tomaso.

And, still according to what Chi reports, the boy, freshly graduated, should have started working for him, but everything was settled with nothing! But it is also likely that Hunziker’s son-in-law, who will become a father for the first time in January, wisely decided to step down given the very complicated situation that had arisen.

Soon a new entry in the family

In the meantime, Aurore comforts her splendid mother Michelle, who will now make her a grandmother. the entertainer – remembered for absolute duty in the gossip column – is single again after eleven years of love and seven of marriage. In short, the story with the charming doctor Giovanni Angelini, who kept us company all summer, turned out to be just one long flirtation, neither more nor less!

She is the eldest of three daughters: little Céleste and Sole, 8 and 6 years old, born from the marriage with Trussardi, are still two little girls who in turn need continuous care and the closeness of the two parents who, although that not being a couple anymore, they must always be very close to them.

Aurora Ramazzotti and her mother Michelle Hunziker Solocine.it

In the latest shots published by the magazine, directed by the always clever Alfonso Signorini, again at the controls of Big Brother Vip, Michelle is immortalized at the very moment she takes them to school, for the first time as a single mother. , so as a woman who tries to hide the pain with a beautiful and bright smile, imprinted on her wonderful face.

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