Michael Schumacher, the latest confession excites: “He lives a very special life”



Michael Schumacher, the latest confession excites: “He lives a very special life”. Here is an important testimony

Another Formula 1 season is coming to an end and it’s the ninth without Michael Schumacher on the wall or in the pits to follow his former colleagues. Since the end of 2013 everything has changed but the emotion of what they experienced still remains with the fans.

Michael Schumacher, the last confession excites (ANSA)

To remember him, there are always the words of those who knew him well. Like Stefano Domenicali who is today the CEO of the company which organizes the world championship but who was born and grew up at Ferrari.

At the end of 1996, he became Team Manager of the Reds, then from 2002 to 2007 he was Sports Director and from January 1, 2008 he was promoted to Team Principal, replacing Jean Todt. So much of his career has been alongside the Kaiser.

Michael Schumacher and Stefano Domenicali (ANSA)

And on the occasion of the presentation of the Golden Necklaces to Coni for sporting merit, he remembered him thus: “Michael is always present. An extraordinary boy who lives a very special life and that it is right to respect. A rider and world champion who left his mark. Personally and professionally, he remains unique to me.”

Michael Schumacher latest confession excites: Difficult times for family in Formula 1

Michael Schumacher ended his career at the wheel of Mercedes in 2012, a year before the terrible accident in Méribel, with 308 Grands Prix. Next Sunday, from the Abu Dhabi GP, his son Mick will turn 43 but then he will have to stop.

What the family had known for a long time and what their fans had feared came to fruition in the last few hours with the official announcement of the team. Haas will not continue with the family’s 23-year-old son as next season they will focus on safe used cars: the second driver alongside Kevin Magnussen will still be a German, 35-year-old Nico Hulkenberg. Mick Schumacher (ANSA)

Michael’s son cashes in and raises: “I’m disappointed, but the team has decided that way. We had ups and downs, last year we were always behind and I had to get used to fighting in midfield. And I think I succeeded. What am I going to do now ? I’ll stick around and then I’ll make the right choice.” In fact, Mercedes and Williams see him as a third driver, ready to sign an engine deal with Porsche.

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