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Michael Oher’s Biography: Net Worth, Career, Lifestyle, and More



Michael Oher Career

Michael Oher is a former professional football player who gained fame through his inspiring life story. Oher’s incredible talent in football was discovered during high school, and he went on to play college football at the University of Mississippi. He was then drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL. His story was even adapted into the movie The Blind Side.

It’s based on his life He’s such an inspiring figure to all the football fans. His story is an example of resilience and determination. So let’s dive deeper to learn more information about him like his net worth, career, lifestyle, and more!

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Michael Oher Net Worth & Career Explored

Michael Oher doesn’t like publicizing his life. The snippets of his life hint that he’s living a luxurious lifestyle. He is known to be having a net worth of about $20 million. During his time in the NFL, Michael Oher earned a total of $34.17 million. His rookie deal with the Ravens alone brought in $13,495,000 over five seasons.

Then, with the Titans, he made $5 million in just one season. And with the Panthers, he earned $14,675,000 over two seasons. On top of that, he also made an additional $10 million from royalties for The Blind Side. So, in total, he made around $44.17 million as a part of his contracts and salary.

Michael Oher had an impressive career as an offensive tackle in the NFL. He started with the Baltimore Ravens, signing a rookie deal. Oher’s talent and hard work on the field gained him recognition, and he became a key player for the Ravens.

Michael Oher Net Worth

After his time with the Ravens, Oher played a season with the Tennessee Titans, he then joined the Carolina Panthers, where he spent two seasons. In addition to his football earnings, Oher also received opportunities from The Blind Side, a movie based on his life story, which added $10 million to his income. Overall, Michael Oher’s career showcases his talent, dedication, and the impact he made both on and off the field.

A Look At Michael Oher’s Personal Life

Michael Oher was born on May 28, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee. His parents namely  Denise Oher, and his father, Michael Jerome Williams, had serious drug addiction problems and his father later died in prison. He was expelled from several schools since he was not taken good care of.

Oher found his passion for football and was selected as the Division II Lineman of the Year and as a starting member of the Tennessee All-State team. He married Tiffany Roy after 17 years of dating in 2022. He is also a stepparent to Roy’s children from her earlier marriage; a son and a daughter.

A Little About Michael Oher’s Lifestyle

Oher is the owner of one of the latest BMW 7 series costing about $81,000. Oher also owns a house worth $3.9 million containing 8 bedrooms. Oher’s mansion stands a 10,000 square feet. He also owns a private jet costing around $10 million. Besides his luxurious lifestyle, he is also involved in several charitable activities.

Michael Oher


Michael Oher’s life story is truly remarkable. From a challenging upbringing to becoming a successful professional football player, his journey is one of resilience and determination. Oher’s inspiring story, which was even adapted into the movie The Blind Side, has touched the hearts of many.

Throughout his NFL career, he earned a substantial amount of money, and his success extended beyond the field with additional income from royalties. Michael Oher’s story serves as a powerful reminder and an inspiration for many.

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