Metaverso Colosseum Preview Series on History Channel Italy



History Channel Italia presents Colosseum, a new original production dedicated to the symbol of Rome. An exclusive Metaverse preview is also planned.

First television on History Channel Italia (411 by Sky) Colosseum. A production that tells the charm of the monument among the most famous in the world and symbol of Rome. Still not just an amphitheater, the Colosseum is a sort of global myth that represents, to the world, the grandeur of the Eternal City.

Through the history of the Colosseum and the characters who gravitated around this grandiose place, the series in eight episodes traces the history of the Roman Empire between life, death, blood, war, losers and winners. .

The history of Rome

Starting from the hard life of gladiators and the complex connection with the emperors, Colosseum tackles the spectacular staging that helped make the ludi a spectacle that fascinated everyone. These will be the themes that will serve as the backdrop to the story of the rise and fall of ancient Rome. The series offers a series of interventions proposed by historians and experts, which will also alternate with faithful reconstructions of the events and life of the time. The stories told in the Colosseum also intersect with some emblematic characters, such as the gladiators Priscus and Verus, the architect Haterius, the tamer Carpophore, the gladiator Mevia, the martyr Ignatius of Antioch. And finally, Doctor Galen of Pergamum, the emperors from Vespasian to Commodus.

As revealed in the note that launches the new series on October 18, A + E Networks Italia, on this occasion, announces its entry on the web4: History Channel Italia will be one of the first History in the world to open to the Metaverse, landing on the Spatial.io platform. The intention is to broaden the cinematic horizons of the small screen, providing greater space for historical narrative. Indeed, the arena of the Colosseum has been rebuilt with attention to detail and a unique spectacular effect. As the note writes: “Providing users with an immersive experience in one of the most iconic places in history and experiencing the atmosphere that was experienced inside the amphitheater for free at from desktops, smartphones and Meta Quest viewers”.

Colosseum and Metavers

The content will be accessible from the url from which you land in a completely free environment that does not require registration. For users, an exclusive preview of the series, as well as the possibility of interacting with the weapons of the legendary gladiators, with emblematic elements of the arena and getting to know the protagonists of the Colosseum. With your avatar, you can have an immersive and playful experience in the story.

The project has been included in the new Communityverse cultural section of Lucca Comics & Games 2022, the most important festival dedicated to pop culture in Europe. As part of this program, the Colosseum Metaverse will be present in the Multiverse of Metaverses exhibition that will take place during the festival at the Baluardo dei Balestrieri in Lucca. Creative direction and technology development is provided by Matteo Moriconi CTO of Fusion Communications, with support from Xcave digital artists.

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