Men and Women, unmissable episode: new sparks between Ida and Riccardo, furious quarrel!



Here’s what’s going to happen on this afternoon’s episode of Men and Women, Maria De Filippi’s dating show that always makes a lot of noise

Like every day of the week, today at 2:45 p.m. a new episode of Men and Women will be broadcast. Maria De Filippi’s historic dating show will still get people talking and talking: it promises to be a really hot day in her living room on Canale 5.

Ida Platano and Riccardo Guarnieri (web source)

Today we will focus in particular on the Throne Over. The protagonists will always be the same, according to the previews of the program: Ida Platano and Riccardo Guarnieri, the two former lovers who live a troubled story, made of back and forth and painful breakups.

In recent days, it seems that Ida has returned to have some feeling with Alessandro Vicinanza. The runner from Salerno has never hidden the desire to return to frequent the Platano, who seems flattered but wants to go there with lead feet.

Men and Women, the return of Riccardo Guarnieri to the studio will blow up the situation

Today, however, Riccardo Guarnieri will make his return to the Men’s and Women’s show. After several days of absence, the famous knight Tarantino will want to have his say on the last sentimental decisions of Ida Platano.

Riccardo will challenge the reckless choices of his historic ex-partner. To support the latter, there will also be Roberta Di Padua, a lady from Cassino who literally felt left out by Alessandro Vicinanza. It must be remembered how the knight began an acquaintance with Roberta, then snubbed her and returned to the court of Ida. Roberta Di Padua (@Twitter)

A furious quarrel will break out between the two female protagonists of the love story. Di Padua will point the finger at the ambiguous attitude of Platano, guilty of having deceived Alessandro by continuing to think of “his” Riccardo and the comings and goings with the Knight of Taranto.

In short, a truly incredible and not easy to manage chaos by Maria De Filippi, who already in yesterday’s episode had to intervene to appease the anger of Pinuccia, who furiously left the studio. Today, Marie will have to calm things down again, since this amorous quadrangle is unleashing hell.

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