Men and women, twist: having dinner together, romantic re-breaks?



The two well-known faces of Men and Women have been pinched by the paparazzi while dining out together for the past few nights. Backfire possible

We often speak of the daily protagonists of Men and Women. In particular, those of the Throne Over, given that by regulation, they have much more permissive attitudes than the classic tronists and pretenders.

Men and women (Facebook)

The latest gossip news gets a lot of talk. In fact, two historical protagonists of the throne of Maria De Filippi have been taken together. The paparazzi pinched them for dinner in a club, face to face, like two very intimate people.

The two characters in question are Riccardo Guarnieri and Roberta Di Padua. Two faces of well-known men and women, for several years already. The Knight of Taranto and the Lady of Cassino seem to have regained their former glories.

The photo that nails Riccardo Guarnieri and Roberta Di Padua: flashback or simple friendship?

Riccardo and Roberta are also known for a past acquaintance, had during the first experience with Men and Women. The two had loved each other and had tried to form a relationship, but without much results.

As the photo published by gossip journalist Deianira Marzano reports, the two protagonists of Throne Over got nabbed for dinner a few nights ago. An evening in great serenity and tranquillity, perhaps to retrace the old romantic glories. Roberta and Riccardo at dinner (photo Deianira Marzano)

It remains to be seen whether between Guarnieri and Di Padua it’s just friendship, an evening of confidences between people who have known each other for some time, or whether it is a possible flashback. Of a new feeling created between the two VIPs of Canale 5 which could bring something new in the future.

We will certainly talk about it in the next episodes of Men and Women, especially since Riccardo’s ex, or Ida Platano, discussed the “easy” exit with Alessandro Vicinanza, resulting in a romantic kiss but nothing more. Fans of men’s and women’s gossip will have other new topics to chat and discuss.

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