Men and Women, the return of Sossio Aruta: the big announcement drives the fans crazy – VIDEO



Former Men and Women protagonist Sossio Aruta struggled to hold back the emotion: here is the announcement of his comeback that has fans going wild.

Sossio Aruta said it very clearly a few months after leaving Hommes et Femmes. The entertainment world did not allow him to be able to earn his living serenely, because the job offers were too discontinuous. Because of this, he made a decision that left everyone very surprised.

The former protagonist of Men and Women, Sossio Aruta, had given some signals, but now he was able to announce his return to everyone (photo Instagram).

Sossio had shown up in his new job, which is to be a gas station attendant. He had pointed out that this way he was sure to get his salary at the end of the month. Some admirers of Sossio Aruta and his partner Ursula Bennardo had even come to speculate that they might even fake a relationship crisis to increase their income as an influencer.

Sossio Aruta, the announcement of the return and the goal

Suddenly, Sossio Aruta made a public announcement from his Instagram channel. He briefly explained his experience in the world of football as a striker. He then offered to be a coach. After some time and much controversy, the coveted offer to become Virtus Taranto Calcio’s rookie coach had arrived.

Qualiano confirms the return of Sossio Aruta to the world of football at the age of 52 (source: Instagram).

Obviously the former protagonist of Men and Women had made it known that he had immediately accepted the job offer. Something, however, must have happened in the meantime, so much so that Sossio Aruta even came to announce his return. He also recalled his nickname, or “Lion King”, and indicated what his goal will be.

“If I did it at 52…”: advice to his fans

Ursula Bennardo’s partner has explained that he received an offer to return to play as a central striker for Qualiano, a team that plays in the first category of the National Amateur League in Campania. The return to football is a very courageous choice for Sossio Aruta: as he himself recalled, he is on the threshold of 52 years. Here is Sossio Aruta with the Qualiano FC shirt (source: Instagram).

The sportsman explained that he lacks only twenty goals to reach the threshold of four hundred goals scored in his career. In addition to the joy of this unexpected proposal, there is also that of finally being able to achieve a goal that had always been set. He then gave advice to his fans: “Never give up!”.

Here is the video in which Sossio Aruta announces his return as a Qualiano player:

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