Men and women, the brawl breaks out in the studio: Ida Platano with shields



According to the progress of Men and Women, a new showdown is about to ignite the study of the dating show: Ida Platano at the center of attention.

The tones certainly won’t be let up in future episodes of Men and Women, with Ida Platano once again taking center stage in the dating show study. A fight will break out in the studio: all anticipation.

The lady of Brescia protagonist in the recordings (via WebSource)

According to the advances of Men and Women, the last recording was simply hectic, especially with regard to the Throne Over. Among the great protagonists of the next episodes, we find above all Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza, who have resumed their attendance. In fact, as we remembered last season, their relationship didn’t end in the best of ways. The hairdresser from Brescia did not feel that she was getting the certainties she needed from the young knight, so much so that in the end both of them had decided to break off the relationship.

Recently, however, it was Vicinanza who wanted to return to the office with Ida. In fact, the knight offered to go out, still showing keen interest in her. So Platano decided to accept the invitation and then went to the studio to say that for her it was not so relevant an exit. But in this period we saw how Roberta Di Padua returned to the program. So Vicinanza quickly put aside the idea of ​​starting a new acquaintance with Ida, who meanwhile was center stage with Riccardo Guarnieri and began to meet Claudio, a new knight. But the acquaintance between Roberta and Vicinanza already seems to have ended

Men and women, fight in the studio: Ida Platano absolute protagonist

Ida Platano in a photo on social media (via Instagram)

As the UeD progressed, the paths of Ida and Alessandro crossed again. All of this would have happened after Ida’s decision to conclude with Riccardo. During the Friday, October 14, 2022 taping, much of the time was set aside for the Over Throne and, in particular, Ida and Alessandro. On the stories of Menedonneclassicoeover we read how endless discussions took place. It looks like Platano complained about the same issues she always had in her relationship with Riccardo. Likewise, Roberta di Padua intervened, also making herself the protagonists of heated discussions.

As for the classic throne Federica Aversano in recent days has made two externals. One with Federico, the suitor who decided to eliminate himself. So the tronista decided to personally go and find her suitor. Federica also chose to date Stefano, a new suitor. According to previews, Gabriele decided to leave the show by eliminating herself. Two externals also for the other tronista, Lavinia, who went out with Alessio. The former suitor, in fact, has just resumed transmission.

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