Men and women, Riccardo reflects and runs towards Ida? The video speaks clearly – VIDEO



Riccardo Guarnieri rethinks it and runs to Ida Platano? Here’s what would happen on the evening of October 26 that could really change everything.

It would seem that Ida Platano and Riccardo Guarnieri, although still having a strong feeling for each other, are unable to find a way to get along. When the hairdresser was desperately looking for him, the entrepreneur complained that the lady from Brescia hadn’t changed at all, re-proposing the couple’s dynamic that had led to the breakup.

Men and Women, many comparisons by Ida Platano and Riccardo Guarnieri (photo © Mediaset).

Now that Ida Platano seems tired of suffering for Riccardo, who also said very harsh words to her, the situation seems to have changed. We do not know if what the hairdresser is doing is sincere, but she seems determined to turn the page by approaching Alessandro Vicinanza.

Men and women, what is going on between Ida and Riccardo?

It cannot be ruled out that Ida Platano is actually trying to make Riccardo Guarnieri jealous of her. After all, why should she start dating Alessandro Vicinanza again after all this time? Admittedly, the undesirable effect of his choices was to rekindle the rivalry with Roberta Di Padua.

Men and women, Ida Platano radiant after the outdoors with Alessandro Vicinanza (photo © Mediaset).

The two ladies of the Over Throne are back to face off as they once did for the same knights. In all this, on the evening of October 26, there was a completely unexpected twist. Now, with all the constant twists and turns between Ida and Riccardo, their relationship is looking more and more like a soap opera.

The knight listens to the song that made him fall in love

In a Story shared on Instagram, Riccardo Guarnieri showed himself as he was leaving. Men and women, the rivalry between Roberta Di Padua and Ida Platano (photo © Mediaset).


Scrolling through the photo below, you can see a video that testifies to the continued rivalry between Ida Platano and Roberta Di Padua:

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