Men and women, no one can believe it: after the escape of love, everything is over



After the romantic escape that had divided the public, it’s over for the couple born of Men and Women. Here’s what the former troniste finally said after several weeks, which had been cornered by his loyal audience.

Already during the summer holidays, their fans were worried. The couple born of Male and Female had always been very reserved, and for this reason there were few photos that depicted them together. Often, however, they could be seen together in Instagram Stories, at least until their trip to Puglia.

The columnist of Men and Women, Tina Cipollari (photo © Mediaset).

Since then, the followers of Andrea Nicole Conte and Ciprian Aftim have really had to work hard to understand what it was all about. Based on photos and videos recorded by the couple and their friends, they pieced together that they had both been to Puglia. Then, the former suitor should have accompanied Andrea Nicole to Milan.

Men and women,

Their relationship was truly like a fairy tale. She had arrived showing herself to be very strong but also very fragile, and on the other hand Ciprian had shown signs of impatience. The suitor had then discovered where Andréa Nicole lived, and had gone to see her to declare himself. In this way, they broke the rules of men and women.

Men and Women, Andrea Nicole’s birthday: with her boyfriend Ciprian Aftim (Instagram photo).

Maria De Filippi had first expelled them from the program, then at the beginning of February, she called them back and allowed them to make “the choice” in the studio. Andrea Nicole and Ciprian had immediately started living together in Rome: for this reason too, the return to Milan of the former tronista had sounded the alarm.


In mid-September, gossip expert Amedeo Venza began spreading gossip that Andrea Nicole and Ciprian were set to leave due to character differences and jealousy. The couple continued not to respond to many questions from their audience, until October 10, the former tronista wanted to tell his truth.

Andrea Nicole and Ciprian haven’t been in a relationship for some time. It seems that she did not accept the reality, and for that she waited a while before admitting it publicly. From the words of the former tronista, you can clearly sense the pain and grief of someone who has put so much into this relationship.

This is the message with which Andrea Nicole, former tronista of Men and Women, formalized that between her and Ciprian, everything is over: Men and Women, Andrea Nicole officially announces the end of the relationship with Ciprian Afim: here is her version (source: Instagram).

Here is a video that features Andrea Nicole and Ciprian immediately after the Men’s and Women’s picks, where they were at the height of their happiness:

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