Men and women, Isabella Ricci leaves everything: “Italy was a little tight with me”



Isabella Ricci leaves Italy: the announcement falls like a thunderclap after the recent visit of the former lady of the Throne finished in the company of Fabio Mantovani in the studios of Men and Women. Here are the reasons that led her to this gesture.

In October 2021, Isabella Ricci and Fabio Mantovani met for the first time in the studios of Men and Women. The Roman lady had just returned to the studio convinced by the authors: she had indeed expressed the desire to leave after the repeated attacks of Armando Incarnato, Gemma Galgani or even the columnist Gianni Sperti.

Men and Women, the former protagonist of the Throne on Isabella Ricci with the wedding dress: the lady has decided to leave Italy (Instagram photo).

When Isabella returned to the Men and Women studios, she found Fabio Mantovani waiting for her. Between them, there was immediately what they both called “crazy love”. Ricci had immediately explained that she wanted to find a man with whom to spend the last years of her life in a mature relationship made up of travels and a lot of serenity.

Men and Women, because Isabella Ricci leaves Italy

Isabella Ricci and Fabio Mantovani surprised everyone with their willingness to get married immediately on May 28, 2022. Recently, the couple went through difficult times due to the former airline pilot’s surgery and subsequent physiotherapy. This changed the rules of their happy coexistence between Pescantina and Ravenna.

Men and Women, Isabella Ricci and Fabio Mantovani returned to the studios of Men and Women to talk about their relationship (photo © Mediaset).

The former lady of Men and Women, on the occasion of the anniversary of the first meeting with Fabio Mantovani, revealed to the weekly Mio the desire to move. After checking the quality of life in the United Arab Emirates, Isabella Ricci then left Italy to go live in Dubai. He explained that many things in the beautiful country were now close to her.

‘I don’t care what you think of me’: the ladies against Sperti

Isabella Ricci spared no comments regarding the latest developments of Men and Women, showing that she continues to follow the show with interest. For Gianni Sperti, it would seem that there is only indifference. The columnist had described her as an opportunist and in search of visibility: the lady is convinced that her personal history belies her. Arena di Verona Opera Festival: among the audience on August 28, 2022, there were also Isabella Ricci and Fabio Mantovani (Instagram photo).

Ricci is therefore not interested in knowing what Gianni Sperti thinks of her today. She feels that Ida Platano is not looking for love at the moment, and that she is fine even alone. Because of this, she thinks she would have no problem leaving the center of the studio to Roberta Di Padua, who instead seemed to have no sentimental purpose.

Here are some images from the fairytale wedding between Isabella Ricci and Fabio Mantovani, which the ex-lady of Men and Women likes to share occasionally with her Instagram audience:

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