Men and women, is the complaint triggered? What happened behind the scenes – VIDEO



The cameras of Men and Women picked up what happened after the lady left the studio: if things didn’t change, she didn’t even rule out the possibility of filing a complaint. Here is what happened.

The son revealed that the bartender in their country had registered the mother for men and women. After all this time, he is convinced that he did the right thing: five years ago, his mother was a widow and felt a little discouraged. Maybe he really needed to cheer himself up trying to rebuild a love life.

Pinuccia Della Giovanna, since last year, has become a real star of the Iron Throne. The son explained to Men and Women Magazine that the mother always seems angry because she is tired of the trip she has to make from Vigevano to Rome to record the episodes. Also, try to focus on what they are saying.

The son speaks: “It’s true, he has a pretty strong temper”

Many claim that Pinuccia will most likely replace Gemma Galgani in Men and Women. The Turinese had already struggled to find suitors since last season, and found herself a little in the shadows. On the contrary, the courtship between Pinuccia and Alessandro had generated enormous interest from the public.

Pinuccia’s son revealed that he was very surprised at how calm his mother remains in front of the cameras. You watch the episodes after work after work, like his mother, the nurse, did. Mom and son only disagree on one point, which is how Pinuccia handles Tina Cipollari’s “assaults.”

Men and women, is the complaint really triggered? What happened

Even Tina Cipollari seems to have started paying a lot of attention to Pinuccia, forgetting about Gemma. During the episode of Men and Women broadcast on October 18, there was even talk of a complaint. It all started when the columnist entered immediately after Piero’s negative opinion towards the lady.

Cipollari began to argue that Pinuccia was fake and hypocritical. The lady from Vigevano came out in tears from the Mediaset studios. Joined behind the scenes of the show by the cameras of Men and Women, Pinuccia did not rule out that she could file a complaint if Tina Cipollari were to continue to attack her.

Here’s a snippet of the new clash between Pinuccia and Tina Cipollari in Men and Women: the protagonist of The Finished Throne seems to fail to respond to the columnist every time.

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