Men and women, Ida Platano leaves the program: she goes with him!



The long-awaited twist to Men and Women has finally arrived, with Ida Platano deciding to leave the show with it.

After the many rumors that questioned the sincerity of Ida Platano, the Sicilian lady finally left Men and Women. In fact, the suitor left with a knight: who is it?

Twist on the dating show (Via Screenshot Mediaset)

Yesterday, Friday November 4, a new recording of Men and Women was held during which there was no shortage of twists and turns. In fact, according to the previews, not only was there the abandonment of a tronista, but also the farewell of two absolute protagonists of the transmission. We are therefore talking about Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza. To announce the big news we thought of the Instagram page ‘Menedonneclassicoeover’.

On the specialized portal of Lorenzo Pugnaloni we read: “Ida and Alessandro in today’s recording left the program together!”. Moreover, always on the Instagram page we read: “Ida does not say that she is in love, but she specifies it, Riccardo did not speak, while Roberta said that according to her they are not in love. And Tina attacked them”. Platano would therefore share the feeling of love with Alessandro Vicinanza, thus deciding to abandon the transmission with the Neapolitan knight.

Men and women, Ida leaves with Alessandro Vicinanza: twist!

Men and women, Ida Platano radiant after the outdoors with Alessandro Vicinanza (photo © Mediaset).

According to the latest advances in Men and Women, we discover that Riccardo Guarnieri, former historian of Ida Platano, did not comment on their departure from the studio nor would therefore have had any particular reactions. Different reaction on the other hand for Roberta, who is firmly convinced that the two are not really in love.

During yesterday’s episode of Men and Women, Alessandro left the studio in tears, saying he wanted to live the story with Ida, who was still hesitant about it. Indeed, the Neapolitan knight had thundered: “If she is no longer convinced of me and does not want to know me, then I leave today”. But thanks to these words, the knight’s dream finally came true.

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