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Men and women, for a kiss you touch the fight between Ida Platano and Roberta Di Padua



During the tapings of Men and Women on October 8, the fight was almost double: that’s why Roberta Di Padua was unleashed first against Ida Platano and then also against Alessandro Vicinanza.

On Monday, October 10, there will be no more episodes of Men and Women, since that day will be the protagonists of the filming of the episodes of Tu Si Que Vales, whose broadcast will then be scheduled. The next Men’s and Women’s registrations are scheduled to take place on October 14 and 15.

The rivalry between Ida Platano and Roberta Di Padua seems to have been rekindled (photo Instagram).

According to the first rumors, during the recordings of Men and Women on October 9, everything really happened in the Mediaset studies. The protagonist was Roberta Di Padua. As gossip expert Deianira Marzano revealed, she and Riccardo Guarnieri were caught having dinner together. Previously, he had dined with Davide Donadei.

Men and women, ’cause he hit the fight twice

Roberta Di Padua and Riccardo Guarnieri also revealed that there was also a kiss between them. Despite the new understanding, the two have no intention of seriously returning to date. It certainly helped to make the atmosphere in the studio electric when, shortly after, Di Padua made some observations to Ida Platano.

The Sicilian hairstylist dated Alessandro Vicinanza. According to what blogger Lorenzo Pugnaloni reveals, the suitor allegedly told Ida Platano that Roberta Di Padua literally jumped on him to kiss her. The situation in the studio would quickly escalate, with Ida and Roberta face to face yelling at each other.

Riccardo Guarnieri’s tears: do you still feel something for Ida?

Strangely, Tina Cipollari began to defend the Sicilian. Meanwhile, Roberta Di Padua was also very angry with Alessandro Vicinanza, and there too we got very close to the fight. When Armando and Gianni remembered certain moments of the relationship between Ida and Riccardo, the entrepreneur was moved.

The classic Throne saw Angela Nasti’s suitor return to the studio at Lavinia’s request, but it seems he preferred Federica. The episode finally had a moment of peace when Biagio Buonomo and Caterina Corradino arrived in the studio to be able to tell their wedding by showing photos and videos.

Here is the video shared by Biagio Buonuomo with Caterina Corradino before the recordings of Men and Women:

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