Men and Women, Federica Aversano has been discovered: why she will leave the program



The news that Federica Aversano will be leaving Men and Women began to spread in early November: the reason for such an inexplicable choice of the protagonist of the finished Throne was finally about to emerge.

Nobody expected that, precisely at this particular moment, Matteo Ranieri publishes an interview in which he recounts his experience at Men and Women. Apart from confirming that he indeed had a falling out with Luca Salatino, he added that before he entered GF Vip 7, they talked to each other and when he comes out, they will meet again to clarify.

The protagonist of the Classic Throne, Federica Aversano, has decided to leave the throne: the reasons have also been revealed (photo © Mediaset).

Matteo Ranieri told www.mondotv24.it that he returned to full-time work at the factory after his television experience. In the little free time he has left, he dedicates himself to the gym and the dogs, while on weekends he tries to develop with his manager an activity around Italy through the use of social networks .

Why will Federica Aversano leave men and women?

Matteo Ranieri has passed very sweet words for his ex suitor of Men and Women, Federica Aversano. He commented that she is really a very good girl, and he is sure that her journey within Maria De Filippi’s show has always been 100% sincere. The two have not seen or heard from each other since Choice Day.

Center: Matteo Ranieri with his suitors during his throne. On the right is Federica Aversano, whose reasons for leaving the show have reportedly been revealed (Instagram photo).

Federica had shown she was very upset when Matteo actually chose Valeria Cardone over her. The more time passes, the more the two protagonists of Throne Over turn out to be similar. Both arrived on television as contenders and then returned as tronisti when the first experience did not end positively.

Similarities Between Matteo and Federica: Why Can’t They Find Love?

Gossip was repeatedly aired that Matteo Ranieri was actually pursuing an “impossible love,” and because of this, he could never have truly bonded with a famous woman on the dating show. In November, after it was confirmed that Federica would leave the throne, the same gossip spread about her as well. Lorenzo Pugnaloni’s advances regarding the November 15 Men and Women tapings and a fan response to Federica Aversano (source: Instagram).

The journalist Lorenzo Pugnaloni explained that the episode in which we will see the tronista leaving the Canale 5 program without a choice will be broadcast from November 21 to 25. At the same time, gossip expert Deianira Marzano investigated why Federica Aversano will leave Men and Women: it seems that she is in love with someone.

Here’s what Federica Aversano said during an interview with Men and Women Magazine about love:

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