Melons Berlusconi because they hate government ministers



There is a truce between Giorgia Meloni and Silvio Berlusconi, and the time for the formation of the government is approaching. The list of ministers is almost ready: the Justice key box is missing, which Forza Italia claims for itself.

The seal of peace, at least temporary, between the first in pectore and the knight arrives on October 17 after an hour and a half meeting at the headquarters of Fratelli d’Italia via della Scrofa in Rome. In a joint note from the two parties, it is stated that “the meeting took place in an atmosphere of unity of purpose and maximum cordiality and collaboration”. Meloni comments, “Now let’s look to the future and think about giving the country a government.”

Photo Ansa / Brothers of Italy

But Berlusconi is still not entirely convinced. Face to face with Giorgia Meloni, he insisted for a long time that the former president of the Senate, his very faithful Elisabetta Casellati, be in the government team. For her, there would be the Ministry of Reforms. However, Berlusconi would also like Red Cross President Francesco Rocca, the new Minister of Health and the role of Deputy Prime Minister for Antonio Tajani. At the end of the meeting with Meloni, Berlusconi does not seem satisfied, reports the news agency Ansa.

Meloni will give 5 ministries to FI

The summit after the rupture that followed the election of La Russa as head of Palazzo Madama and the caustic judgments that resulted from it on Giorgia Meloni contained in Berlusconi’s notes is however closed. And it ends in a forced truce. But necessary to get the center-right government off the ground. Berlusconi did not hide his disappointment at having gone to Canossa, to the first in pectore he met at the headquarters of the Brothers in Italy. In via della Scrofa, in memory of the chroniclers, he never entered.

Elisabetta Casellati. Photo Ansa / Twitter @Pres_Casellati

In any case, 5 ministries should return to Forza Italia, as much as the League which nevertheless also counts “+1”: Giancarlo Giorgetti in the Economy, considered by some to be a technician. The leader of the FdI grants the ally of Forza Italia this “equal dignity” invoked since the result of the ballot, where the Azzurri were penalized despite the electoral percentage very close to that of the League, due to the division of the constituencies. But Silvio Berlusconi, at least for now, does not get the most coveted loot: the Ministry of Justice. The Prime Minister in pectore maintains the point. Meloni wants Carlo Nordio, a retired magistrate and newly elected deputy of the Brothers of Italy.

Tajani, Salvini and Calderoli

For Elisabetta Casellati, Berlusconi’s favorite for the role of Minister of Justice, the doors of a new reform ministry could open, as mentioned. Universities and research, as well as public administration should also be included in the blue portfolio. In the first case, the box could be occupied by Annamaria Bernini, while for the post-Brunetta case we are talking about Alessandro Cattaneo. Or even Sestino Giacomoni. Nothing to do even for the MISE while, in the outline sketched via della Scrofa, Forza Italia conquered the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Gilberto Pichetto would go in place of Roberto Cingolani, but the energy could return via Veneto, with Economic Development. MISE would go to Guido Crosetto, Gianni Letta from Giorgia Meloni.

Roberto Calderoli. Photo Ansa / Angelo Carconi

Forza Italia would be in charge of Farnesina with Antonio Tajani who, at the Cavaliere’s request, should also take on the role of deputy prime minister. A reflection on this subject would still be open, but even at the home of the Lega, the dual role of Matteo Salvini, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure, is taken for granted. The 4 other ministries of the Via Bellerio party (in addition to the MEF, out of quota) would be Agriculture, where the current under-secretary Gian Marco Centinaio remains in pole position, Regional Affairs and Autonomy, intended for Roberto Calderoli.

Bertolaso ​​and Rocca on pole for health

At the Ministry of the Interior, the strongest name remains that of the prefect Matteo Piantedosi, who already held the post of chief of staff when Salvini was at the Viminale. The fourth ministry could be Education or Family – for which Simona Baldassare’s name is circulating – or even Disability, which at first glance seemed to be the current minister Erika Stefani. At work, everyone seems to agree for the moment Marina Calderone, who heads the council of the order of labor consultants. At Palazzo Chigi, as Undersecretary for the Presidency, Meloni is expected to bring with him the very reliable Giovanbattista Fazzolari. The box of Health is still discovered, with which Forza Italia and the Brothers of Italy compete under the names of Francesco Rocca and Guido Bertolaso.

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