Meloni: “New crime on Rave Party”



The first provision of the Meloni government concerns rave parties. From today there is a risk of up to 6 years in prison for unauthorized gatherings, with preventive measures taken by the anti-mafia code. Specifically, the measure concerns “the invasion of buildings intended for gatherings of more than 50 people from where dangers to public security, public order or public health may arise. The rule is article 434 bis of the penal code.

However, as worded, the rule could also affect other types of gatherings. First of all: the demonstrations. Especially on the eve of an autumn that promises to be rather hot on the front of the protests against expensive bills. More precisely: the occupations of schools, social centers, frequented places such as universities and theaters. All cases where the new article 434 bis of the penal code can be invoked. Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi called it a “deterrent charge”. From the Ministry of the Interior, they let it be known that the law would not be used for these purposes.

Government, anti Rave Party rule: “Dangerous gatherings for the same people who participate”

The draft decree provides for the possibility for the police to confiscate “things that are used to commit the crime as well as those used in the same cases to achieve the objectives of the occupation”. The text contains “an amendment to the anti-mafia code providing for personal prevention measures for those who commit the new crime. This will enable the application of special public security surveillance for suspects of the “invasion for dangerous gatherings”.

An “emergency law”, explained Minister Piantedosi, “necessary to the fact, dramatically confirmed yesterday, that probably the absence of effective legislation in our country, unlike neighboring countries, has made us vulnerable. These events are not only dangerous for the very people involved, but very costly for the ensuing use of law enforcement. Significant penalties are now being considered and we are confident that the rule can have a deterrent effect on these events.”

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