Meghan Markle has decided to retire, comes the insinuation: “They made it difficult for you” – AUDIO



Meghan Markle revealed that she had tried to pass a very difficult exam in the past, and the innuendo immediately came: “They made it difficult for you”. That’s what the Duchess of Sussex would decide to do.

When Queen Elizabeth II died, Meghan Markle and Harry Winsor were in London. While the Duke of Sussex was heading to Scotland to say goodbye to his grandmother one last time, his wife had decided like Kate not to show up right away. Due to the bereavement, several of the couple’s projects were later postponed or suspended.

The Duchess of Sussex at the London One Young Word 2022 event (pictured Misan Harriman).

Indeed, rumors suggest that Harry and Meghan have decided to withdraw certain parts of the docu-film relating their life after the death of the English sovereign. The book with Harry’s memoir, which will be called ‘Spare’, is however due out early next year. Meanwhile, Meghan Markle has also started producing her podcasts again.

Meghan Markle Withdrew From Review: Here’s Why

The audio series that Meghan Markle releases for Spotify with a millionaire deal has found itself at the center of controversy on several occasions. It has indeed been insinuated on several occasions that the Duchess of Sussex’s podcasts do not garner the expected success in terms of views, but that the platform still places her at the top of all the rankings.

Harry and Meghan happy together in a file photo (source: Instagram).

In early October, Meghan began recording her podcast series called Archetypes, which primarily focuses on empowerment and female perspectives. On November 1, he had Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Pamela Adlon and Sam Jay as guests. During the conversation, she let out a bit of context.

The insinuation of the countess, who renounces being English

Meghan Markle explained that she tried to obtain British nationality. The procedure costs around 1,300 serlines and requires several requirements, in addition to passing a test and the intonation of the English anthem. The part that the Countess of Sussex could never have passed is the test of English culture. Meghan Markle’s smile when she is with her mother Doria (Instagram photo).

Meghan explained that while studying the reference book, Life in the UK, she repeatedly turned to her husband to ask if he knew these notions. Apparently Harry didn’t have that knowledge either. The podcast host then insinuated, “I think they made it harder for you.” And she, immediately: “Do you think so?”

Below is the full podcast in which Meghan Markle reveals she dropped out of the exam to obtain English citizenship. To listen to the entire episode, in English, you must be registered on the platform.

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