Meghan and Harry, the worst news arrives: what no one wanted to hear comes out



The coronation of King Charles has changed some family situations to an extreme and among these Harry is involved: these days, relations between members of the royal family seem to be walking on a tightrope.

As soon as he was proclaimed king, Charles III decided to bring about a minimum of order in the royal dynasty. Indeed, for a few days, rumors have been circulating about a rather radical decision which would concern his nephews Archie and Lillibet, children of Harry and Meghan. Although the latter, while renouncing their royal functions, were able to retain the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, they could no longer use those of Royal Highness in an official manner.

King Charles III further and further from Harry – Solocine.it

Nowadays, even the Duchy of Sussex would seem in danger: much will depend on Harry’s autobiographical book, released on January 10, 2023, entitled “Spare – The minor”. The royal family will have to deal with the long-awaited memoir of Prince Harry, amid scandals and gossip. And that can cost Harry and Meghan dearly.

Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan snub King Charles’ Christmas invitation

Traditionally, the royals spend the festive season together at Sandringham Estate in Norfolk County. For the first time as king, Charles would have liked his two children to be present, but Harry and Meghan said they would not be there.

More and more towards the drastic decision

The coronation of King Charles drastically changed the balance within the English royal family and we all know the battle between Harry and Meghan and Charles. The interview broadcast by the couple on American television in 2020 marked an irreparable break. But even with his brother William, relations are not good: for some time he has sided with his father, participating in this family war. That said, the choice not to want to return to England for the Christmas holidays underlines a certain tension within the royal family: Harry and Meghan are increasingly at odds with the family and represent a slap in the face to the crown, to the King. Charles, Queen Consort Camilla and future heir to the throne William. In view of this situation, King Charles III, who has become king, according to many tabloids, would like to settle accounts with his son.

Harry and Meghan increasingly distant from the Court – Solocine.it

Drastically, King Charles III could decide to strip their entire family of any titles.

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