Mediaset thinks, it’s now official: the decision on Barbara d’Urso



Barbara d’Urso has been the subject of much discussion within Mediaset: now comes an official decision on her behalf

Last television season was not too lucky for the Neapolitan presenter who chatted with the Biscione network. Since there must have been a goodbye, it looks like things have quietened down in the hallways again.

Barbara D’Urso, host of Afternoon Cinque (photo © Mediaset)

Barbara D’Urso is back with her Afternoon Five in a slightly different tone with a lot of topical attention. Live on Mediaset every day from Monday to Friday, the Neapolitan presenter continues to entertain audiences from home and in the studio with her afternoon show that has been airing in her presence for years.

However, these certainties last year, more or less of these periods, did not exist. Barbara D’Urso was on the razor’s edge with rumors that saw her in not too idyllic relations with Mediaset. Indeed, there has often been talk of contracts torn up by the Neapolitan presenter who had seen her commitments at the Rete del Biscione reduced in number.

Mediaset, everything decided: Barbara d’Urso also returns in the evening

The chrysalis and the show nerd: Barbara D’Urso in conversation with Emy Buono and Alessandro De Meo (photo © Mediaset).

Last year, Barbara d’Urso was at Mediaset in the evening with La Pupa and Il Secchone Show which ended in a flop in terms of audience.

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