Mediaset has made a final decision



Enrico Papi, coup de grace: Mediaset has made a decision without return. Hard times for the Roman conductor who welcomes the public

For Rai, ratings mean a lot but not everything and this is demonstrated by Rai 1’s decision to sell the new Fiorello program to Rai 2 to make way for news. But for commercial television, like the Mediaset networks, they have a fundamental specific weight and for that Enrico Papi is taking a big risk.

Enrico Papi, final blow (Tg Mediaset screenshot)

Last Sunday, the Roman conductor closed the new season of Scherzi a parte, which he had resumed for the first time a year ago, partly revolutionizing the programming. It was therefore time to take stock and the hearings were very heavy.

We have pointed this out in the articles on TV ratings, the weekly ‘Oggi’ also reiterates it, signed by Alberto Dandolo, a well-known television and gossip expert. Grandpa was given two prime time programs, Seriously but also Big Show. Also, there was supposed to be a third, Gong, who actually never got promoted after a test episode.

The ratings figures doom Papi: Big Show averaged 10.8% with the latest episode down to a modest 8.2%. The Scherzi a parte, which certainly had to face the battleships of the TV series Rai, fell from almost 3 million and 16.3% in 2021 to 1.9 million and 12.6% in 2022.

Enrico Papi, coup de grace: but the host of Mediaset is in good company

Data that Mediaset analyzed carefully, making a final decision as Dandolo explains: “It had to be one of the winning horses of the Mediaset stable – wrote and instead Enrico Papi did not bring the results desired”. And again, “the leaders of Biscione have decided to put the showman on stand-by while waiting to identify and filter more innovative projects to submit to his attention”.

As if to say that for the moment he will have to act as a spectator even if he can console himself because he is in excellent company. As ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’ pointed out, it is a season of continuous flops, both on Rai and Mediaset and on La 7, in different programming slots. Evil or almost Diaco and Balico, Isoardi and Cattelan, Balivo and Can Yaman, Pio and Amedeo, Conticini, Zorzi, Mauro, Pardo, Guanciale”. Difficult times for Enrico Papi (Instagram)

A small consolation for Enrico Papi who certainly expected more from his return with great fanfare to the TVs of his launch and his consecration. For the moment he is on hold, waiting for a new opportunity.

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