McDonald’s expands its circle: it is now dedicated to furnishings



A spectacular innovation from McDonald’s which has decided to break into the world of furniture: the accessory will drive everyone crazy

It’s no longer just about BigMacs and big chips, but now an accessory that will be impossible to give up. The famous fast food chain has decided to reinvent itself and take it to the next level with a great novelty.


67 years have passed since 1955 and the Big Mac has always tasted the same great, but maybe it’s time to reinvent yourself. Until 2018, McDonald’s was the number one fast food outlet by number of outlets, until it was overtaken by Subway, but it’s time to get back on track and hold new records that set the mark. want more and more direct competitors.

In Italy, new restaurants will open – which are looking for staff among others – in Brianza, Frosinone, Covo and Paullo. The chain is constantly expanding, but this is obviously not enough for the company which has aimed much higher. The news is circulating thanks to Gizmodo, but it was later confirmed by Esports on Twitter: it seems to be official and there are already the first photos.

McDonald’s is reinventing itself: a branded gaming chair is ready


It all started when, in the UK, a special gift was created on the occasion of the arrival of the new McCrispy. To increase sales and promote the new fast food sandwich, the globally unique McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair, of which only 4 exist, was offered as a prize. Unfortunately, for those thinking of spending blue numbers to buy it – especially collectors – there is terrible news: the chair is not for sale and will never give it away. The gaming chair, in fact, was made for promotional purposes only with no possibility of exchange, unless one of the winners wants to get rid of this unique piece.

The McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair immediately went viral and was called the “fat-busting chair”. Among the features of this unique piece there are things never seen before: side trays to place drinks and the same powered by a slight heat to keep our meals warm, sandwiches, fries, chicken nuggets, etc In addition, inserts have also been designed for napkins and sauces, all perfectly at hand.

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