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Maximising the Potential of Live Bands with a Portable Generator



Portable Generator

Inviting live bands has become popular during various entertainment activities such as birthday parties and outdoor gatherings. They create a unique atmosphere that goes beyond what recorded music can achieve. The captivating sounds of instruments and the atmosphere of a live performance bring a certain magic that adds a distinctive charm to the laughter and dancing of all those gathered. 

Outdoor gatherings and activities away from power sources often face various inconveniences, including the lack of electricity supply, limiting the use of essential electronic equipment like amplifiers and speakers and restricting a band’s ability to deliver high-quality performance. But with portable generators, these traditional power setup problems can be avoided, making a live band outside super successful. Let’s explore what power challenges one can face during an outdoor event and how a portable generator can help solve these issues. 

Outdoor Power Challenge for Live Band

The outdoor environment often poses some electrical challenges for live bands. Outdoor performances can become pretty tricky for live bands due to uncertainty. Specifically, it is due to the following reasons:  

  1. Lack of Power Infrastructure

Lack of power infrastructure is a common problem. Outdoor venues often lack power cables, which means they cannot be directly connected to the power grid for power supply. This has caused great trouble for the live band as they need electricity to drive their audio equipment, lighting equipment, etc. The limitation of power infrastructure can also confine the live band to a specific area. In this case, portable power supplies are particularly important. 

  1. Lack of Power Socket Outdoor

Secondly, unlike indoor spaces, outdoor spaces rarely provide power sockets for people to charge or connect electronic devices. It means that even if there are power facilities outdoors, power cannot be accessed through sockets. The lack of outdoor power sockets creates a big problem for live bands, making it harder for them to set up their equipment. To overcome this problem, event planners typically need portable power solutions, such as best solar powered generators or battery packs, to provide the basic electricity needed for band equipment.

  1. Electrical Safety Issues

Finally, electrical safety issues are also a challenge that cannot be ignored. Electrical safety issues are more prominent, especially in outdoor environments. For example, weather conditions may lead to short circuits or an increased risk of electric shock. In addition, high-power audio equipment used by live bands may also cause overload or other electrical faults. Therefore, when choosing a portable power supply, consider whether it is equipped with various safety measures. 

Portable Generator as a Power Solution for Live Bands

Due to the different challenges of traditional power setups, it’s time for an effective solution to help bands seeking to perform in various outdoor venues. Portable generators are the devices that will ensure that the show goes on, even when power sources are scarce. 

The emergence of portable power supplies has provided convenience for solving this problem. It can store electrical energy through batteries and output it to devices that require power, such as ensuring the operation of audio equipment, atmosphere manufacturing equipment, and other electronic devices.

  1. Power Audio Equipment

Live bands rely on various audio equipment to create vibrant sounds that captivate audiences. The essential components, including guitars and microphones, play a crucial role in the musical experience. This is where a portable generator steps in.

Guitar: For guitarists, the portable generator ensures a continuous power supply for electric guitars and amplifiers – it typically requires less than 30 watts.[1] This stability helps them maintain the integrity of the sound, allowing musicians to showcase the melodies with clarity. 

Speaker: Using a portable generator to power speakers can ensure that the audience fully immerses themselves in the dynamic beats. The generator’s steady output guarantees that the music reaches every corner of the venue with consistent quality.

Microphone: Microphones typically have low power requirements that can be easily handled by a portable generator, ensuring clear and amplified vocals throughout the performance. Bands can easily engage with the audience, knowing their vocals will be clearly heard.

Mixing Console: For live bands, the role of the mixing console is particularly important. It can not only ensure the reasonable mixing of various instruments and vocals and provide rich sound effects but also adjust the volume of each instrument and vocals as needed to achieve ideal musical effects.

  1. Power Atmosphere Manufacturing Equipment

The live band performance is complete without lighting, and the special effects brighten the whole event. But these things need power, which a portable generator can provide. 

Lighting: The portable generator gives the power to light up an event. Be it a bright light for the stage, seating area lights, or any glowing lighting all around the venue, the generators will ensure that the whole setup is fully lightened, perfect for a celebratory event. 

Special Effects: The live band’s special effects performance greatly enriched the visual effects. To create different atmospheres and emotions, special effects performances can be achieved through various visual elements such as lighting, smoke, lasers, flames, bubbles, etc. The portable generators provide enough voltage to operate these effects seamlessly, making the show look more enchanting for everyone. 

  1. Other Electrical Equipment

Apart from the basic power equipment and atmospheric effects, laptops and mobile phones are also important in a live band performance. A portable generator is perfect for keeping these devices ready for use at any time. 

Laptops: Bands often use laptops to store setlists, tune instruments, and control sound effects. Portable generators keep laptops powered throughout the performance, making sure everything runs smoothly without worrying about batteries running out.

Mobile Devices: Mobile phones are essential for communication and coordinating behind the scenes. Whether it’s checking schedules or staying connected, portable generators provide a reliable power source, ensuring that everyone involved in the performance stays connected and informed.

Tips for Ensuring a Smooth Performance of the Live Band

A live band performance is pretty important as no one wants any mishap to happen, especially during a celebration. That is why a band should always be ready beforehand and remember some tips. Here are a few crucial ones that will help live bands perform spectacularly.

  1. Adequate Power Planning

Before a live band starts, power planning should be done. This will help make sure that all the instruments and other equipment have enough power supply. This includes checking the power requirements of audio equipment, lighting equipment, and other necessary electronic devices and selecting suitable generators to meet these requirements. 

In addition, you should also consider any additional power requirements that may arise during the performance, such as additional lighting equipment or other special effects. This careful planning ensures a smooth and uninterrupted show, allowing the band players to focus on delivering great music without any unexpected stops or issues with the electricity.

  1. Check Device Compatibility

Another thing to make sure of before a live show starts is to check if all the instruments work well together. It’s best to ensure they are compatible so that everything plays in harmony when the music starts. This simple step will prevent any awkward technical moments during the performance. Checking the compatibility with a portable generator is also necessary to make sure no complication arises when all the devices start together. 

  1. Check the Safety Protection Function of the Generator

Safety is the most important aspect of any performance. It’s very important to check all the protection features of whatever generator is used. Overload protection, over-voltage protection, and circuit breaker inspection will ensure everything is secure. You should also be familiar with the generator’s operation methods and safety precautions, ensuring that you can respond promptly to any possible safety issues during the performance.

  1. Prepare Emergency Plans

Preparing an emergency plan is one of the necessary measures to ensure the smooth performance of the live band. For example, it is necessary to prepare some rain gear for outdoor activities to prevent sudden weather changes. Apart from weather surprises, plan changes and equipment damage could also happen. So, it’s best to be ready for any emergency. It ensures that entertainment activities can still proceed smoothly.

Best Portable Generators for Outdoor Entertainment Activities 

Choose a portable generator equipped with efficient solar panels and large-capacity batteries, which can provide a stable power supply for a long time in outdoor environments. For example, Jackery’s portable generator ensures that the band’s electronic devices are always in working condition, whether at outdoor concerts, camping activities, or other entertainment venues. Here are two outstanding Jackery solar generators.

  1. Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus

For live bands in search of a cost-friendly portable solar generator, Jackery would be a good option. The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus is perfect for elevating outdoor performances. It has a big power output of 2 kWh, which can even be expanded to 12 kWh. Whether it’s a quick one-day music activity or a whole week of outdoor events, this generator has the power to keep the music going strong, meeting all the different needs of live bands.

With the ability to power heavy-duty devices up to 3000W, this portable generator supports a range of musical equipment, from amplifiers and speakers to lighting setups. Its ultra-fast solar charging capability, achieved through advanced IBC technology, aligns seamlessly with the dynamic power needs of live performances.

Key Features:

● Supports heavy-duty musical equipment up to 3000W.

● Fast charging in just 2 hours with 6 Jackery SolarSaga 200W solar panels. 

● Long-lasting LiFePO4 battery with a 10-year lifespan ensuring durability.

● Users can control and monitor the unit through the Jackery App.

● Enhances battery life by 50% with innovative ChargeShield technology.

  1. Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus

For live bands seeking a reliable power solution, the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus is also a perfect option, acting as a powerhouse packed in a small size. With 1260Wh of power capacity and a 2000W output, this solar-powered generator provides ample energy despite its small footprint. 

Its quick 100-minute wall charge and remarkable 2-hour solar charge with 4 Jackery SolarSaga 200W solar panels using advanced IBC technology make it easy to adapt seamlessly to the dynamic needs of live performances and outdoor events. 

Its silent operation eliminates unwanted noise, allowing the music to take centre stage. Plus, its eco-friendly design and compatibility with solar panels make it a sustainable choice for outdoor events. Live bands can rely on its durability and safety measures, such as the Battery Management System, to deliver a reliable and eco-conscious performance.

Key Features 

● Up to 5kWh expandable capacity with 3 additional battery packs.

● 100 minutes for a full wall charge.

● 25% solar conversion efficiency.

● Only 30dB noise level – sounds as low as a whisper. 

● 5-year long warranty. 

From live band performances to spontaneous gatherings, these good generators are the powerhouses that ensure a seamless energy supply, enhancing every moment of joy with music and light. 


The need for outdoor power sources has promoted its continuous development. Jackery’s innovative products, like the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus and Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus, are great proofs. Jackery empowers live bands to unleash their creativity in any outdoor setting by providing a reliable and portable power source. 

These small power stations from Jackery guarantee non-stop performances while keeping safety and the environment in mind. With cool features like adding more power, fast charging, and eco-friendly designs, Jackery’s products turn ordinary outdoor events into super exciting ones. So, if you are interested in live band entertainment, Jackery products are where you should start browsing. Give them a try and enjoy the uninterrupted fun! 


[1] Choosing the best wattage guitar amp. Available at: (Accessed: 18 December 2023)

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