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Matthew McConaughey, the most proud Texan actor of his accent and “hillbilly” style in Hollywood, is now 53 years old, having risen to the top of the food chain in the competitive market of the most major film industry in the world. McConaughey like everyone before him (and those to come after too) started his career in minor roles in teen movies and even in a horror movie he was ashamed of having made – and threatened to suing producers who wanted to capitalize on the film’s image, actor after fame, reissued such a “raw” work. After that, McConaughey became a self-respecting protagonist and enjoyed the idol look God gave him. This allowed some journalists to realize his potential and cast him as Hollywood’s new darling. It worked. But before long, he’d be typecast and stuck in roles in rom-coms — many of them, shall we say, of dubious quality.

It was a dry period during which Matthew McConaughey would be discredited as an actor. But a change of wind would restore prestige to his career, with the so-called “McConaissance”, the rebirth of the actor – in productions with a lot of experience and prestige, alongside big names in front and behind the camera . This led directly to him winning the first and only Oscar he was nominated for (to date). McConaughey would continue to challenge himself as an actor, taking on difficult roles and out of shape in most cases. However, the actor has not had much luck lately, and such films have not won over critics and audiences, bringing another dry spell to his filmography. Which we hope will pass soon.

In order to honor this great actor of our time, through extensive research using Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB as our source, we’ve separated the best and worst works from the actor’s career. Check it out below.

05 | Lone Star – The Lone Star (1996)

We start the list with this little-known cult, but which must be found and watched by everyone, fans of Matthew McConaughey or not. The film credited as a turning point in the actor’s career was, of course, Tempo de Matar (1996), but in the same year this feature contributed to collaborating in the discovery of the actor, who here demonstrates all his potential in an intense performance. A modern western about a sheriff’s discoveries in his mysterious little town, the film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

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04 | True Detective – Season 1 (2014)

Matthew McConaughey has many high-profile charities under his belt, which unfortunately didn’t find a place on the list. Films like Killer Joe, Contact, The Power and the Law, Interstellar, The Wolf of Wall Street (in which he has a small role) and the recent Crime Tycoons. But one of the best didn’t happen on the big screen, but on the HBO anthology TV series True Detective. The show was a vital part of his return to acclaim and critical success, and features the actor partnered with Woody Harrelson, as very different police officers investigating sinister cases. A masterpiece.

Matthew McConaughey’s debut film remains one of the best and most beloved of his filmography by critics and audiences to this day. Plus, to write the script and direct, we have a true master, Richard Linklater, who brought much of his own experiences to this tale of teenage life growing up in the late 70s. McConaughey with his little mustache and his hair may even seem weird today, but the film would also serve to open doors for people of the caliber of Ben Affleck and Milla Jovovich.

This could not be omitted, after all, it was the film that gave the actor the much desired Oscar prize as the protagonist. Say what you want, but it is the dream of every professional in the field, to climb the career ladder until you receive maximum recognition. Here, the actor immersed himself in the method and shed a lot of pounds until he was skinny for the role in the true story of Ron Woodroof, a guy who discovered himself with AIDS and embarked on the smuggling of drugs to treat this terrible disease. Among his new clientele, the character of Jared Leto, who also won the Oscar, but who would be controversial today, for having played a transvestite.

If the list were up to me, I’d definitely try to include Time to Kill (1996), not only a McConaughey favorite, but also one of my favorite films of all time. But here, we take into account the opinion of the general public, fans and critics. So, taking the top spot and stepping onto the podium as the actor’s favorite movie is this Mud (in the original). Here we have a coming-of-age story of a boy, which at the same time is also a beautiful story of love and violence. McConaughey plays an outlaw thug, in hiding, he is found by two boys, who help him get in touch with the love of his life, played by Reese Witherspoon.

If it were up to me too, this movie would be higher on the worst list. After all, it’s one of the most WTF films of recent years, which this friend of mine had the opportunity to discover during the press screening and was completely amazed by the result. Rarely in my professional life has a film caused such a negative shock effect as this. That’s because Quiet is being marketed as a noir-style thriller, in which McConaughey plays a quiet fisherman, until his ex reappears on his doorstep – played by Anne Hathaway. She seduces him and asks him to kill her abusive current husband. So far very well and would make a good thriller. But believe me, it’s not at all what you think and the film takes a downward turn becoming, without worrying about the arrow, a science fiction!!! It’s true!

It was around 2012 that Matthew McConaughey reclaimed his place in Hollywood as one of the biggest stars of his generation. It was about three years to ride the crest of the wave with several quality works, in cinema and on television, and even an Oscar of his own. But when 2015 rolled around, the tide began to turn again for the actor, and his films began to be slammed by critics and ignored by audiences alike, despite the star’s commitment to choices. In this new dark phase, the actor has signed for a very hyped adaptation of Stephen King, alongside Idris Elba. What could go wrong, right? But it went horribly wrong, and we landed one of the most forgettable blockbusters of the past 5 years.

One of the darkest aspects of Matthew McConaughey’s career, it’s also one of the most “embarrassing” moments of his career. Here he was already a big name actor when he said yes to this story so clueless it ends up being in bad taste. The intention here might even be good, but the result ends up making anyone who ventures into this disaster regret bitterly. In the plot, McConaughey is the boyfriend of Kate Beckinsale, who lives a tattooed painter. She discovers that her parents and brother, as well as her family, are all dwarfs. Well, that’s all. This is the dilemma of the film, the “prejudice” against dwarfs. To make matters worse, Gary Oldman plays the protagonist’s dwarf brother. And yes, we have Peter Dinklage in the cast.

02 | The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Returns (1994)

With a silver medal for the worst films of Matthew McConaughey, it is this production that I spoiled at the beginning of this article. It turns out that the actor worked on this film when he was not yet famous, after all he had to pay the bills. It’s the fourth film in the franchise, following the original 1974 classic, 1986’s cult delight and the forgettable third of the 1990s. As you can imagine, the film has come and gone without anyone noticing. But in 1996, when McConaughey broke through in A Time to Kill and Renée Zellweger (who also stars in that film) did the same in Jerry Maguire, the producers wanted to re-release the film to capitalize on the duo’s success. But they quickly backed down when threatened with legal action by the stars’ agents.

Which film has the audacity to steal Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s place as the worst of Matthew McConaughey’s career, you ask? It’s really not for many. But coming in first place on the bottom podium of the actor’s filmography is this feature film which is the only one to receive 0% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. Yes, even the actor’s worst films did not reach this level. On top of everything, we still have to deal with a bad title of the feature film in Brazil, which obviously came out on video here. It turns out that the purpose of Surfer, Dude (in the original) is to portray the protagonist as a bon vivant stoner surfer. A better title for the movie would be “Surfer Lifestyle” or something like that. After all, surfing is a sport and those who make a living from it can really make a living out of it. Not the case here.

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