Mattarella: “Urgent and necessary peace”. EU warns Lukashenko: ‘Abstain from conflict’



Sergio Mattarella – Picture by Ansa Foto

The Russian Federation has unleashed “an unfortunate war”, arrogating to itself an “unacceptable right of aggression” and “every day leaves a trail of death, destruction, hatred, which also pollutes all areas of activity and relations civil”. Peace is urgent and necessary.”

These are the words of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, who adds that the path to peace passes through “a restoration of the truth, of international law, of the freedom of the Ukrainian people”.

“The reasons of the energy market – continues the Italian Head of State – but the responsibility of the institutions is precisely to suppress them. Only the EU has the strength to do this, by intervening on price automatisms, on excessive increases, on intolerable speculation to the detriment of citizens: businesses and families must be protected in the most acute phases of the crisis , otherwise tomorrow will be compromised”. Alexander Lukashenko – Photo by Ansa Foto

EU: “Lukashenko’s accusations are unfounded”

“We have taken note of the false accusations of the Lukashenko regime, they are unfounded, ridiculous. They are unacceptable”. Thus the spokesman for the European External Action Service Peter Stano during a meeting with the press, qualified the last speech of the Belarusian president of “escalation”.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, Ukraine is preparing to attack Minsk. “Ukraine is the victim here. The EU urges the Belarusian regime to refrain from any involvement “in Russia’s war against kyiv”.

Lukeshenko: “NATO and Europe are considering attacking Belarus, even with a nuclear attack”

Alexander Lukashenko said: “The situation around Belarus, as we have already said, remains tense. One of the reasons is that the West continues to assert that the Belarusian army will engage directly in Ukraine. After being influenced by these false stories, the military and political leaders of the North Atlantic Alliance and some European countries are now openly weighing the options to carry out aggression against our country, even leading to a nuclear attack”.

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