Marvel President Confirms The Russo Brothers Are Out Of ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’



Billed as the conclusion to Phase 6 and the entire multiverse saga, the “Avengers: Secret Wars” movie won’t premiere until November 7, 2025, but it’s already got fans worried.

And the expectation was even greater since brothers Joe and Anthony Russo have already declared that their dream is to carry out this great saga, but Marvel has other plans.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel, announced the bad news to the site Deadline, where he reported that the Russo brothers were not really going to direct “Secret Wars”: “They are not related to the project. They have already been very direct about their desire to direct the film. We love them, they love us. We want to find other things to do together, but that’s not going to be it,” Feige.

Unaware that Marvel was already developing “Secret Wars,” Joe and Anthony Russo announced on the red carpet for the movie “Hidden Agent” that it would be the project they would most like to direct.

“Our love for Marvel is based on the comics we read as kids. The comic book series we love is Secret Wars. It’s totally ambitious, it would be bigger than Infinity War and Endgame, it’s a huge project. It was a lot of work already to produce the last two films, so imagine the effort it will take to make these two feature films. We need to think about that more,” said Joe Russo.

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