Marvel Locks Down Unlimited Series With Chris Hemsworth: Thor Can’t Die



Chris Hemsworth has revealed that Marvel Studios blocked his reality show. They feared in more than one episode that he would die and finish his work in the MCU movies.

News on the fly: The reality show that saw Chris Hemsworth perform extreme stunts will have to wait for Marvel’s approval. The reason? While making the show, which was set to air on Disney+ on November 23, the MCU feared he would die before he finalized his Marvel contracts and finished filming Thor: Love and Thunder.

Chris Hemsworth- solocine.itIn an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actor revealed that Marvel asked to stop working on Limitless after Hemsworth injured his ankle while training for a challenge. The actor’s words about it were: “I said ‘Great, we’ll do it before we shoot Thor: Love and Thunder. Anyway, I started training, I destroyed my ankle, so Marvel stepped in and said, ‘No, the show that could kill you can be done after our movie. .

The accident happened during a very intense stunt that involved climbing to the top of a cable car using only a hanging rope suspended 30 meters in the air. Proof that the actor commented, “It was a combination of… the intensity of the height but also just trying to climb the rope.” However, Limitless’ break seems to have created new difficulties.

Unlimited, cancelled. That’s what the suicide series was about

Everyone was eager to see the premiere of Limitless, the series that was supposed to continue the story that began with Bradley Cooper’s film. However, during filming, Marvel stepped in and postponed filming until after the film actor Hemsworth was supposed to be working in. Disney+ has already released the official trailer for the original National Geographic series.

Chris Hemsworth-solocine.it

In this six-part documentary series, movie star Chris Hemsworth takes viewers on an adrenaline-filled personal journey on how to fight aging and unleash your full physical and mental potential. These are the premises on which the most recent scientific research is based and the series aims to shatter traditional beliefs about how to live life to the fullest of its limits. Halfway between a scientific adventure and a diary, each episode obviously has as its main star the actor who embodies Thor as he faces almost impossible physical and mental feats elaborated by scientists and doctors of international renown. to unblock the aging process.

The series will premiere on November 16, 2022 on all platforms that support Disney+.

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