Marica Pellegrinelli, the bitter bottom of the marriage with Eros: “she wanted a child at all costs and…”



Marica Pellegrinelli, the ex-wife of Eros Ramazzotti has finally confessed after many years with an open heart, recounting what led her to file for divorce and seek happiness. She said that Eros wanted a child at all costs and maybe she hadn’t thought about becoming a mother.

Let’s say that after the end of the marriage between the famous Eros Ramazzotti and the beautiful Michelle Hunziker, everyone who came later would always remain trapped in its shadow. The love between Eros and Michelle was epic and so Marica just tried to get out of that expectation that all the fans were expecting from her.

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Matching what was between the two is not at all easy. That is why the beautiful model Marica Pellegrinelli, also thanks to her young age, tried to make Eros happy in every possible way, also agreeing to become a mother. But was she really ready for this step?

25 years of difference are not a few…

25 years is the number passed Marica Pellegrinelli and Eros Ramazzotti when they got married. She was still too young and allowed herself to be influenced by someone who, expert and certainly reassuring, left her no space to blossom on her own. The couple had two children, Raffaella Maria and Gabrio Tullio. What seemed like a happy and idyllic affair later turned into a nightmare, leading the couple to divorce in 2019. Despite this, both parents remained on great terms.

All that glitters is not gold!

After so many years, Marica Pellegrinelli decided to tell the real reason that led her to file for divorce from her ex-husband Eros Ramazzotti. He told Weekly F how sudden and overwhelming love with Eros was. She was only 21 and before long she found herself married and a mother of two children who she wasn’t sure she wanted either. But Eros wanted a child at all costs and to please him, even if today she does not regret this choice, she took a step too early in her life.

Eros and his sons Solocine.it

She had to drop out of school and only followed Eros Ramazzotti on tour with the children, but Pellegrinelli was still alone. It’s not easy being the wife of an international singer.

“When you start a family with an important artist, this life is not possible. Great experiences during the visits, but I was always alone with the children. Until the children entered compulsory school, I always followed my husband on tour. Then I quit. And in fact the marriage is also over. “To date, both parents, even though they are ex-spouses, have reached the peace that everyone should have, together when it comes to the good of their children but free to seek their life and happiness elsewhere.

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