Maria De Filippi took Milly to the “slaps”: fatal blow



The “duel” between Maria De Filippi and Milly Carlucci continues as every week. On Saturday, October 29, Maria metaphorically took on poor Milly in a “slap” manner. What a blow he took. What happened between the two?

Viewers have to decide which side to take, here too two factions have been created, Team Maria and Team Milly. Each week, the two undisputed queens of Mediaset and Rai face off in a duel. Last week, Maria De Filippi took Milly Carlucci to the “slaps”.

Maria De Filippi vs Milly Carlucci Solocine.it

A mortal blow took Rai after the fight between De Filippi and Carlucci. What will be the number of dead after this confrontation?

Two popular programs

Mediaset and Rai have several prominent programs that are increasing their approval rating by the public. Two of these programs are respectively Tu Si Que Vales by Mediaset and Dancing with the Stars by Rai. The first is a program where the contestants perform in an exhibition of their choice to try to receive the approval of the judges, to return thus in the following episodes. These performances can be singing, acting, a magic show and more. In Dancing with the Stars, on the other hand, a series of specially selected VIPs participate in competitions, learning the art of dancing, accompanied by professional masters.

What is the relationship between Milly and Maria?

Like every year, Mediaset and Rai are challenging each other with sharing, putting on their flagship programs on the same evening and at the same time, thus trying to snatch the crown of the best program having reached the highest audience levels. Last week, during the usual Saturday evening appointment, Mediaset “dropped” Maria De Filippi with Tu Si Que Vales, while Rai tries his hand at Milly Carlucci with Dancing with the Stars. The undisputed queen of the evening was Maria De Filippi, with her program she reached a share of 28.6%, with a record audience of 4,190,000 spectators. On the other hand, Milly ranked second behind her colleague, since at the same time, Dancing with the Stars was seen by 3,439,000 spectators, reaching a share of 23.8%. in essence, Maria De Filippi took Milly Carlucci to the “slaps”, with a deadly stroke of games.

Clash Rai and Mediaset Solocine.it

Despite this diatribe that has been going on for years, the newspapers still try to oppose the two conductors even in everyday life. A sort of duel between Eve and Eve. In fact, Maria De Filippi and Milly Carlucci are highly regarded as professionals and have confirmed that this war is only a matter of ratings:

“In reality, the rivalry is between two companies airing their respective shows on Saturday nights. The press likes to put two women in competition… we spoke to each other several times. There is a relationship of esteem and cordiality. She was a woman who broke the ice when it comes to the female role: she is also a producer, and managed to achieve total parity”. With these words, Carlucci puts an end to the gossip that has been going on for years about their love/hate relationship.

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