Maria De Filippi, the potentially fatal vice: “Diagnosed with an octopus…”



Often, we create our own evils because of our dangerous addictions. This is what happened to Maria De Filippi, the diagnosis that was communicated to her turned her life upside down.

Maria De Filippi is the great presenter we know and love, always looking tough and resolute, she too has her weaknesses and although she tries never to give in to addiction, it cost her dearly.

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Maria hates being dependent on anything that takes away or limits her freedom, so she tries never to overdo it. Whether it’s the unbridled passion for television series or for a particular food. For once she let go of her human side, tragedy entered her life.

The sad life of Maria De Filippi

Although she appears today as a woman in whom she played bingo in the world of work, Maria De Filippi had to say goodbye to several important people in her life. Host of famous shows such as Men and Women, Amici and Tu si que vales, Maria found her happiness thanks to the love of her life, Maurizio Costanzo. But in the past she was not so happy, she lost her father at 30 and her mother recently. The pain was very strong and thanks to Maurizio and the work she was able to continue. It is precisely for this reason that her greatest fear today is that of losing her husband, who is much older than her.

A troubling diagnosis

Maria De Filippi has always defined herself as a very hypochondriac person, the fear of falling ill in her after the loss of her parents is very strong. As she always said, Maria hates addictions for this reason, she always tried to limit herself to everything, even with one thing she loved very much, smoking cigarettes. Although she only smokes two a day, a disturbing diagnosis made her quit.

Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo Solocine.it

During a general check, Maria De Filippi received shocking news. She was diagnosed with a vocal cord polyp. Although fortunately benign, this formation could turn into malignant, which is why she decided to quit smoking completely as she herself said:

“…Some time ago, I accompanied a person whom I love very much to the hospital for a very delicate operation. As a good hypochondriac, I took the opportunity to do some checking. The umpteenth. I was diagnosed with a polyp in the vocal cords. I went haywire and traveled hundreds of miles to be visited in mid-August by one of the greatest authorities on the subject. Fortunately, it was a mild but potentially dangerous condition if I continued to smoke. I suddenly decided to quit.

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