Marì stabbed in the mall: “I had suerte”



“I got suerte”. These are the words of Pablo Marì, shot in the back and mouth by Andrea Tombolini, the forty-six year old who risked a massacre in the Carrefour supermarket inside the Milano Fiori shopping center in Assago.

The Spanish Monza defender is hospitalized in Niguarda Hospital, but he is not in mortal danger and is conscious. He underwent back muscle surgery and will be kept under observation for two or three days before his release.

Adriano Galliani – Screenshot Alanews

Adriano Galliani, CEO of the team, accompanied by coach Palladino, joined the champion in the hospital then stopped to speak to the journalists: “He is conscious”, he reassured.

What happened, “it’s incredible”. Marì said that “he had the baby in the carriage and his wife next to him, he didn’t notice anything. He says he felt a very strong cramp in his back”, caused by the knife that Tombolini had snatched from an exhibitor.

Marì witnessed the whole scene

As Galliani tells us, the player saw the whole scene: “He saw this criminal stab someone in the throat, everything that happened. It is something shocking”.

The player can return to the field in at least two months

Marì suffered back injuries, but, explains the CEO, “fortunately she has injuries to the muscles and not to the vital organs, so she is not in danger”. And also on the mouth, he would have had two stitches on the lip. “I thought he was fine, but I’m not a doctor,” added Galliani: “He’s lucid and strong and he said Monday night he’ll be on the pitch: incredible strength.” But unfortunately, the doctors have advised that it will take at least two months for the return to the field.

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