Marge Simpson inspires a new model of Adidas Shop White Sneakers



Adidas continues to strengthen its partnership with the Simpsons and this time has chosen to dedicate one of its Superstar models to Marge: to make them even more precious, the total blue coating recalls her thick, signature hair.

It’s hard not to leave room for the Simpsons when it comes to fashion goodies. The latest comes from Adidas, who wanted to pay homage to TV’s yellower mom with a new pair of shop white sneakers ready to set trends and become the object of desire for all fans of the brand. Marge Simpson is one of the key characters in the animated television series, one of the longest running on the small screen. And his blue hair even caught Adidas in his nets. Reworked in a new shape, they have become the protagonists of a new pair of shop white sneakers.

Marge Simpson

Now in 34 seasons, The Simpsons has been a constant that has accompanied viewers for over thirty years and its characters have often contaminated the fashion system. The latest inspiration comes from the sports brand which has dusted off its iconic Superstars with the colorful presence of Marge Simpson.

Marge Simpson plays for Adidas

A blue expanse almost entirely envelops the beautiful Adidas Superstar. Interspersed with a white shell toe and laces of the same color, the sneakers also point to Marge’s very yellow figure, with her comfortable smile and pearl necklace. The cartoon logo cannot be missing on the tongue. To make this model even more valuable is the sustainable imprint: half of the materials used are a recycled mixture that mainly composes Marge’s blue hair. “This product is just one of our concrete actions to fight pollution caused by plastic waste,” says Adidas. At the moment, the model is only available for children, but it certainly won’t be the last to do justice to the Simpsons.

Courtesy of Adidas

Over the years, the very yellow family has captured the interest of various sporting realities such as Nike, which paid tribute to Bart’s easygoing character, dedicating a pair of Nike Dunks to him, which quickly sold out. Adidas also wanted to give space to the rebellious son of the Simpson family, collaborating with Stan Smith to create El Barto. Lisa, meanwhile, has two Adidas models by her side.

Courtesy of Adidas

And it looks like one of Homer’s most iconic memes will soon become shop white sneakers, again thanks to Adidas. The family man with a penchant for donuts is the protagonist of a new Stan Smith model brought to life by tongues of green that simulate the bushes Homer disappears into, staring blankly. However, we do not know when this model will be available on the market.

After fan mockups surfaced online, we take a look at the Adidas Stan Smith x Simpsons collab 👀 thoughts?

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