Marco Bellavia, the dramatic confession: “I was bleeding like crazy”. What happened



During the last episode of Verissimo, Marco Bellavia wanted to tell his personal drama: he was bleeding a lot.

After a long wait, yesterday it was finally the turn of Marco Bellavia of Verissimo, with the actor who wanted to tell a misadventure he experienced. In fact, the former gieffino ended up bleeding profusely: that’s what happened.

Former Gieffino’s Incredible Confession (Via Screenshot)

It’s been weeks of great anticipation for Verissimo fans, who finally got to enjoy Marco Bellavia’s interview yesterday. It was also an opportunity to tell Marco as a man, as the father of his beloved son Filippo, and as a television personality.

Among the greatest passions Marco passed on to his son is certainly cycling. About the birth of this passion, Marco explained that when he was little he tripped over a bicycle and fell and hurt himself badly. Speaking about her childhood, Bellavia confessed, “I was bleeding like crazy, they put seven stitches on me.”

Marco Bellavia, what happened in the house of the GF Vip: the confession to Verissimo

Marco Bellavia at Big Brother Vip’s house (via Facebook)

Several topics are discussed. In fact, Marco has devoted a lot of space to the events that have seen him starring in Big Brother Vip in recent weeks. The harassing attitudes of the other competitors, combined with the lack of empathy felt towards the traveling companion, only caused a growing discomfort towards the former conductor of Bim Bum Bam. . That’s why Marco had an emotional imbalance problem that didn’t make him sleep.

Bellavia also added that without a watch and with the lights always on, she had a hard time figuring out how many hours she slept. So by the end he felt drunk, out of this world and with his head out of his body. After the bad mishap inside the house, Marco received an apology from a former contestant, he reassured everyone that he was fine. Now Marco looks to the future with two priorities. The first is Filippo, his son, the second is the return to television. Indeed, Bellavia has rediscovered the desire to do television and is waiting for the first opportunity to get back into the game.

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