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Mansory Ruins Another Expensive Car: Maserati MC20



A white Maserati MC20 ruined by a gaudy Mansory body kit

Photo: Mansory

The Maserati MC20 looks great and reportedly drives well. It’s a mid-engine supercar with a twin-turbo V6 that makes 630 hp, with an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. In Car and Driver’s test, it did 0-to-60 mph in 3.2 seconds and ran the quarter-mile in 11 seconds flat at 131 mph.

You can certainly find plenty of quicker cars. As C/D pointed out, the much less expensive C8 Corvette was 0.4 seconds quicker to 60 mph. But it’s also the first time in years that Maserati’s sold a car that doesn’t look like it was designed to land on a Buy Here, Pay Here lot for $19,999 three years after it’s sold.

So, of course, Mansory had to go and ruin it. Why? Because that’s what Mansory does. It takes things you like and ruins them. And yet it continues to exist as a successful business because people look at these abominations and think to themselves, “That is a thing I would actually like to spend real-life money on.”

Image for article titled The Maserati MC20 Is Mansory's Latest Murder Victim

Photo: Mansory

In a just world, anyone who actually bought a Mansory would be automatically locked away in the Hague, their cars burned, and their assets redistributed to those who can do a better job spending money. The company would be dismantled, and the owners would be pelted with tomatoes in the town square while everyone mocked them until they cried.

But no. We do not live in a just world. We live in a world where Mansory is free to keep ruining cars and will never face any consequences. If there ever was a loving God, he clearly abandoned us long ago.

The only glimmer of hope that remains is that cryptocurrency is crashing, and the kind of person who would buy a Mansory MC20 probably has a whole lot of money invested in crypto. Good. Let them watch their riches burn to nothing.

Before I wrap this up, here’s a reminder of what the Mansory looked at and decided to ruin:

Chris Harris Drives The All-New Maserati MC20 | Top Gear Series 32

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