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Maneskin’s disappointment: the confirmation is official, the fans are amazed



Maneskin’s disappointment: the confirmation is official, the fans are amazed. Unexpected blow, they were beaten twice and have to give up

Looking at the glass half full, however, it was once again important to take a step closer to the price. But looking at the glass half empty, Maneskin fans were left disappointed with the outcome of the night’s MTV’s European Music Award. Because the Roman rock band suffered an unexpected double blow.

Disappointment Maneskin confirmsManeskin’s disappointment: the confirmation is official (ANSA)

Damiano David and his bandmates were nominated in the ‘Best Rock’ category, but they didn’t repeat the 2021 MTV award win. In Düsseldorf, during the evening hosted by pop star Rita Ora and New Zealand director Taika Waititi, the prizes went to others. In particular, the most anticipated is the astato won by the Muses. And for the Maneskin not even the consolation of the statuette in the Best Italian Act category, won by the Nuclear Tactical Penguins (there was also Blanco, Ariete and Elodie).

The queen of the night was Taylor Swift who took home four awards: Best Artist, Best Video, Best Pop and Best Long Form Video for All Too Well.
Instead, Nicki Minaj received Best Song for Super Freaky Girl and Best Hip-Hop and Harry Styles won Best Live. Among other awards, in the dance category, David Guetta won the prize for best electronics.

Maneskin disappointment: confirmation is official, but they are already thinking of 2023

However, the lack of success at the MTV’s European Music Awards does not change the programs of the group, which is already well on its way to a year 2023 rich in appointments. The first already set for fans is January 20 when their new album, Rush!, which is already up for pre-order from November 3, will be released worldwide.

A record also launched by new single, The Loneliest, and which also led them to recently receive five nominations at the American Music Awards 2022. As ‘New Artist Of The Year’, ‘Favorite Rock Artist’, ‘Favorite Pop Duo or ‘Group’, ‘Favorite Rock Song’ for the single Begin. But also ‘Favorite Soundtrack’ in the soundtrack of the film of Elvis with the song If I can dream. Maneskin’s disappointment, 2023 will be another golden year (ANSA)

And that’s not all, because the ‘Loud Kids Tour’, their new show, has just started. In 2023 they will return to Europe for 57 dates in all and 41 are already sold out including London, Paris, Los Angeles and New York. This summer they will also return to Italian stadiums: at the Olimpico in Rome on July 20, 2023 and at the San Siro, Milan on July 24.

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