‘M3GAN’: James Wan’s Horror About Evil Doll Has EARLY Premiere



According to Deadline, the horror “M3GAN” debuted shortly after the trailer went viral and was a big hit.

Instead of January 13, 2023, the film now opens January 6, 2023, making it one of the first feature films to hit theaters next year.

After driving everyone crazy creating the Jigsaw doll in ‘Saw’ and terrifying franchises like ‘Supernatural’ and ‘The Conjuring’, as well as spawning the spin-off ‘Annabelle’, James Wan strikes again with a another even crazier little doll. She now produces ‘MEGAN’.

Check out the trailer and the best reactions to the film:

SO SCARY! #JamesWan’s new horror trailer brings an even SCARY doll than #Annabelle #M3Gan pic.twitter.com/hdM2VYYpOj

— CinePOP (@cinepop) October 11, 2022

Have fun watching:

this movie has already created a lot of expectations with this #megan small step pic.twitter.com/gDoSperPJH

— do something ungodly (@lucianopacheco) October 12, 2022

And megan taking part in a movie that only released the trailer, but despite everything she has already stolen all the attention and audience from all three anabelle movies!! KKKKKKK pic.twitter.com/4Ak375TXET

— Luiza Souza (@Luizaabp10) October 14, 2022

Horror movie Megan doll stepping, dancing doll pic.twitter.com/jmGO5yrXuc

— meme collection 📂 (@acervotok) October 11, 2022

megan has already become my favorite movie an android doll diva killing everyone and dancing i swear it will be moty 2023pic.twitter.com/Dkd7bfJ5X0

— heity (@heicmtor) October 11, 2022

I saw this footage from that BOMB movie that’s gonna be megan and I could only think “that ugly doll is strangling that racist” pic.twitter.com/RfECt2WoFi

— mathues (@batatamentz) October 12, 2022

Addicted to Megan vey (will release the movie again aaa pic.twitter.com/isIvCBrvvX

— Sidy (@sidylawr) October 11, 2022

Addicted to Megan vey (will release the movie again aaa pic.twitter.com/isIvCBrvvX

— Sidy (@sidylawr) October 11, 2022

This “Megan” trailer seems to warn us how bombastic this movie seems to be, but they put Taylor Swift on a horror movie soundtrack and it worked, so let’s see pic.twitter.com/yW5XDxk8Ma

— Darko (@uaidarko) October 12, 2022

megan is already banging anabelle for being a cute horror movie doll fight pic.twitter.com/3KYAzrouLr

— Lulis🌼🌻 (@libriaanaa) October 12, 2022

This new movie called Megan is literally the live action version of Eleanor’s book from Fazbear’s Frights pic.twitter.com/Q2Eshik3yj

— Ψ✰ (@itisnotme0015) October 11, 2022

This Megan movie will revolutionize gays on Twitter it will change everyone’s personality it will just be the joke mds pic.twitter.com/Z3SxByMsVA

— hotd=milf fight (@bruxaocarioca) October 12, 2022

DELICIA FROM FILM KRLLLLLLLL Fan of Megan, she’s already my idol https://t.co/Ny6QmtHT4U

— ODNRCK 👽 (@Odinrick) October 11, 2022

does james wan ever get tired of making a nation happy? pic.twitter.com/YjI1vxQEsi https://t.co/ggPQz5OctA

— kim jisoo agency (@jisoolacre) October 13, 2022

“M3GAN” follows Gemma, a brilliant roboticist for a toy company who uses artificial intelligence to develop a realistic doll programmed to be a child’s best companion and a parent’s best ally. When the orphaned niece moves in with her, Emma takes a prototype of the doll to test and the consequences are terrifying.

The film is directed by Gerard Johnstone, with production by James Wan.

Jenna Davis, Allison Williams and Ronny Chieng star.

Don’t forget to watch:

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