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Luxury Pret Wear by Pakistani designers online in the UK



Luxury Pret

Are you a fashion lover living in the UK, looking for a touch of Pakistani elegance in your wardrobe? With always-changing trends in the fashion industry, Pakistani designer wear represents a blend of traditional and contemporary designs. These garments are crafted from high-quality fabrics while paying attention to intricate details. Women choose luxury pret dresses for grandeur and pret wear for a more relaxed yet elegant look. This article will through some light on Pakistani clothing, where East meets West in the most captivating way.

Unveiling the Allure of Luxury Pret

Luxury pret dresses are ideal for formal events, weddings, and other grand occasions. They can help you make an impressive look throughout the event. Let’s check out some of the most beautiful outfits that are available online at a very affordable price.

Lilac-colored Embroidered Shirt with Jamawar trousers

Lilac is a color that shows elegance, femininity, and charm. This beautiful colored ensemble effortlessly combines grace and traditional craftsmanship. It is a three-piece suit with a ruffled dupatta with lace around its border. You can wear this dress as a guest at weddings and family gatherings. It is a perfect choice for summer because of its light color and delicate fabric.

Furthermore, the embroidered detailing on the Organza shirt enhances its overall visual appeal. It features threadwork and sequins that bring an element of sophistication to it. To complete the look, it comes with the regal Jamawar wide-legged trousers. These trousers are in fashion these days and give a royal look to the outfit.

Peach Blush multi-floral Maxi

The softness of peach tones with the vibrancy of multi-floral patterns creates an effortlessly gorgeous look. This color is the most popular choice for special occasions as it enhances the wearer’s natural glow. However, in the case of this maxi, the vibrant colors within the floral patterns create a harmonious and eye-catching contrast against the peach blush backdrop. Besides this, there is a floor-length frill that creates a captivating presence wherever you go. Furthermore, the comfort and ease of wearing this ready-to-wear outfit allow you to move freely and confidently. This masterpiece is also made up of high-quality organza, making it suitable for summer weddings.

Rust Raw silk suit

Raw silk has a subtle sheen and luxurious appeal, making it an ideal choice for semi-formal and formal events. Moreover, rust, a warm and earthy tone, brings a sense of depth to this fabric. This suit is versatile enough to be worn in any season. The borders of the shirt, as well as the neckline, are embellished with a tilla embroidery patti that involves the use of metallic threads and delicate sequins. The metallic accents of this embroidery are a beautiful contrast against the rust raw silk. Above all, it is a two-piece, ready-made suit with a minimalist shirt and straight pants, perfect for this season.

Where to find these dresses?

Above mentioned, pret wears are selected from the stunning collection of well-known designer Daud Abbas. There are many other worth-exploring luxurious attire available online on their website. In addition to that, the brand is offering a time-limited flat 50% off sale.  

Furthermore, if you want to browse other options, accessing authentic Pakistani designer wear in the UK is recommended. Look for reputable boutiques, online stores, or fashion exhibitions specializing in Pakistani fashion. Many Pakistani designers, like Sana Safinaz, Alkaram, Elan, and Sapphire, have proven their online presence in the UK. These platforms have a wide range of ready-to-wear suits in the UK, ensuring you have access to the latest trends and designs.


Pret wear is a category that focuses on pre-stitched garments for women. Moreover, it offers a perfect combination of easiness and style, thus making it suitable for casual and semi-formal occasions. Also, they are available in various cuts and styles, ensuring something for everyone. That is why Pakistani designer wear has gained immense popularity in the UK. They offer an excellent choice for your special occasions. Additionally, if you are a fashion-conscious individual, they are sure to bring a touch of elegance and diversity to your wardrobes. Whether you are attending a wedding, a festive celebration, or a formal event, they can make you the center of attention.

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