“Lux is an attitude”, the pleasure of luxury and well-being is staged at the Palazzo Montemartini



On Thursday, November 3, 2022, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., the elegant spaces of the Palazzo Montemartini Rome, A Radisson Collection Hotel, will be the scene of the Lux in a attitude event. An appointment dedicated to contemporary luxury, to those pleasures that make life a precious gift, to be savored without haste, by indulging in the most precious good we have: time.

A time that we learned to appreciate during the long off-peak hours of confinement, when everything stopped and, with the loss of our certainties, we understood its value. The time that is always lacking, tight as we are from the daily life of hectic lives, thousands of commitments that stress the days.

Lux in an attitude, the search for the essential

The time we waste in traffic jams, in useless arguments, the time we would like to have and that we could find, that we must find to give it to ourselves first. The time to live without time, to grant our senses the pleasure of cocooning at the SPA, the little attentions and details of a 5-star hotel, the thrill of driving a supercar in complete safety, an extraordinary result of mechanical engineering, taste experiences that delight the palate. The Lux in an attitude event designed and produced by Palazzo Montemartini Rome, Skylimit Rent and Caschera SPA is dedicated to this search for time for ourselves, as a true element of contemporary luxury.

Caschera SPA, a company specializing in luxury SPA and hotel management, was founded in 2006 by the intuition and professionalism of Paolo Caschera, a wellness entrepreneur, SPA enthusiast and professional in the sector who chose to inspire its business philosophy with three values: style, competence, hospitality, elements in which Caschera has always stood out for the innovative characteristics linked to its business model.

The supercars on display

An elegant evening, the opportunity for the organizers and partners to present the next activities through a real sensory journey, between the secret garden of the hotel and its Senses Restaurant & Lounge Bar, dotted with many little attentions to your physical and spiritual well-being, between the comfort of a 5-star hotel and its food and wine offer, between the treatments of a prestigious luxury SPA and the strong emotions of driving amazing supercars. The Lux in an attitude event is dedicated to men and women who are usually special, capable of loving themselves, of understanding the importance of their well-being, of special people who wish to devote time to taking care of their image in smallest details, to better connect with themselves and with others, by offering themselves the pleasure of offering themselves the most precious gift: a few of their best moments.

Supercars on display at the hotel entrance will welcome guests who can tour the hotel and spa, book treatments and inquire about rental opportunities designed for event guests. The cars will be exhibited by Sky Limit Rent, a large and established reality, run by young entrepreneurs who offer rental of supercars but also production cars, both short and long term. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Audi.

Lux in a attitude: lounge music and tastings

The warm atmospheres created by the decors created by the Event & Wedding Planner Paola Canale, the luminous architectures and the lounge notes of the musical selection of the hotel, will draw exciting suggestions for the highly selected guests who will live an immersive experience, in sipping a cocktail, tasting a selection of prestigious labels from the Statti cellars and savoring the delicious specialties of the chef of Senses, the restaurant of Palazzo Montemartini Rome. By parading at the photocall, they will be able to share the snapshots of an evening on social networks, which wants to remind how important it is to stop, to breathe deeply, to forget everyday life and to fully experience the priceless luxury of live his time.

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