LumaFusion is Now Available on Android Devices and ChromeBooks



LumaTouch has announced the availability of the ChromeOS and Android versions of LumaFusion, one of the most powerful mobile editing apps that has, to this point, only been available on Apple iOS.

LumaFusion on both ChromeOS and Android is technically a beta, but the application is now available on both the Google Play store and Samsung Galaxy Store starting today. The final release version of the software is expected to ship before the end of the year.

LumaFusion says the ChromeOS and Android version of the software is an entirely new application from LumaTouch, built from the ground up and specifically designed for the ChromeOS and Android OS platforms.

“To ensure the highest possible quality and performance standards for LumaFusion on the ChromeOS and Android platform, LumaTouch assembled an additional team of experienced ChromeOS developers to focus on development for the new version,” the company says.

“While iOS, ChromeOS, and Android OS are vastly different operating systems that create a different experience for users, the LumaFusion for ChromeOS and Android development team took great strides to recreate the signature LumaFusion experience to ensure users will enjoy the same workflow on whichever device they choose.”

The video editing experience on the new platforms is fully-featured, and includes basic editing requirements like up to six video and audio tracks, a magnetic timeline, and the ability to create presets and add markers as well as cut, copy, and paste between projects. It also adds multiple effects like color correction tools and LUT support, speed effects such as slow and fast motion and timelapse support, and audio control such as the ability to keyframe audio levels and auto audio ducking of music during dialog sequences.

The app also features multilayer titles with shapes and images as well as the ability to adjust font color, face, border, and shadow. LumaFusion also allows editors to create projects with a variety of aspect ratios, work in framerates between 18 and 240 frames per second, and access media both locally as well as through attached drives or those stored with cloud services.

LumaFusion for ChromeOS and Android is a one-time purchase, and is priced at $30. Those who choose to purchase the early release beta version will receive a 30% discount — bringing that down to $20 — and will also receive the updated final shipping version when it becomes available at the end of this year at no additional cost.

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