Luck will continue to embrace this zodiac sign – here’s which one



In this article we will see which is the sign of the zodiac which has already been the luckiest but which continues to be so. We are talking about the beautiful zodiac sign of Pisces. We have seen how the previous year, 2021 and even the last 2 years have put a strain on their finances, their most intimate relationships, their social life and their health (also and especially their mental health). Indeed, at the beginning of the year, all those born under this sign had no hope for their future.

As we said before, Pisces received the nomination of “the luckiest zodiac sign of 2022”. The stars granted him new emotions, new stimuli and a lot of luck. They experienced a true spiritual awakening and were thus able to improve their lives both from an emotional point of view and from a romantic and professional point of view. The gorgeous water sign of Pisces has recently had the sun in his intimacy zone, which means he’s likely been going through some pretty heavy emotional territory since September 22nd of last month.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing since, as a deep empathic sign, he’s always been predisposed to it. But there are times when they immerse themselves too much, especially because of the messenger Mercury who is in retrograde motion and which forces them to focus their attention mainly on old emotional wounds and unresolved relationship battles, unfortunately. Around October 6, as the New Moon fell in the same sector, it was possible and easy for them to think about all these questions in a much more action-oriented way than they had been lately.

However, we are here to reassure this beautiful sign again because from October 20, the full moon will fall in their currency area, bringing power struggles to the surface. Although he will have to think carefully about who is present in his life and why, on the 23rd he will then enter the season of Scorpio which will make anyone born under the sign of Pisces feel much more incited to take control of his life. his life. fate. The sun’s weather, as well as that of Mars, could be a perfect turning point in their adventure zone. Pisces are also true masters at adapting to their intuition and heart and know how to be a good sidekick to those in need.

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