Lucid to Unveil Two Cheaper Air Models Starting at $87,400



Photo: Lucid

Lucid Motors is increasing the size of its Air electric sedan lineup by two. The company just announced it’ll be officially debuting a new base-level Air Pure and mid-grade Air Touring at an event on November 15 at the American EV maker’s Beverly Hills studio. The two new cars will join the Grand Touring, Grand Touring Performance and Sapphire in the Air’s lineup.

The more significant of the two cars is probably the Air Pure, which sets a new record as the cheapest Lucid you can buy. That by no means makes it cheap, though. It’ll start at $87,400. It can be distinguished from other Air models by its metal roof and Mojave PurLux interior, according to Lucid. It’ll initially be launched with a dual-motor, all-wheel drive setup. Right now, there’s no word on exactly what the range or power numbers of the Pure will be. Lucid says those will be coming on the 15th.

The Pure will drastically undercut the price of the Air’s closest competitor: the Tesla Model S. That electric sedan starts at $104,990.

In the middle of the Air lineup, we will get the new Touring. It’s set to start at a quite-a-bit-higher $107,400. Lucid says the Touring can be had with a “unique” glass canopy. It’s a single piece of glass that is meant to stretch from the base of the windshield over the heads of the front two occupants. It sounds very similar to what can be found in the Tesla Model X.

Lucid also says the Touring will come with DreamDrive Pro, which is the company’s advanced driver assistance system. Like the Pure, we’re going to have to wait until the 15th for range and power numbers for the Touring.

At the same event, Lucid is planning to talk about future models, including the Project Gravity SUV. Lucid says the SUV will be its “next force of nature.”

With the Pure’s $87,400 starting price, the Air’s lineup will run quite the price gambit. The top end Sapphire starts at as-near-as-makes no difference a quarter million dollars. It looks like there will be a Lucid Air for everybody (as long as everybody is rich).

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