Lower electricity and gas bills? It will happen soon, the reasons are very clear



Lower electricity and gas bills? It will happen soon, the reasons are very clear: a breath of fresh air for Italian consumers

These months have been hot for Italian consumers, and not just for the weather. The continued increases in electricity and gas bills, alongside the other courts that families and businesses have to bear. they undermine all resistance. But finally there is good news, because the prices are about to fall.

Lower electricity and gas bills (ANSA)

The current situation has indeed become unsustainable. The Codacons calculate, evaluate and can still increase in hand that in 2023 each Italian family will be able to spend an average of 4,724 euros, with an increase of about 2,500 euros compared to today. Indeed, the last increase in electricity prices ordered by Arera, equal to +59% since October, brought the average electricity bill to 1,782 euros on an annual basis per family. A growth of + 122% compared to the last quarter of 2021, i.e. just under 700 euros per family.

We are now waiting for the last gasoline hike, which will arrive at the beginning of November. However, if analysts’ forecasts, those of a 70% increase, were confirmed, the gas bill would reach an average of 2,942 euros per family on an annual basis. Also in this case, a clear growth, equal to + 117% compared to the last quarter of 2021 and an increase in expenditure of 1,586 euros per household.

Lower electricity and gas bills? It will happen soon, all the clues that lead to this solution

So what is the good news for Italians, the ones that give hope for lower bills? At the same time, the drop in gas prices on international markets in October. Indeed, as the ‘Corriere della Sera’ explains, significant drops have already been recorded since September. At the beginning of August, the maximum ceiling was 370 euros per megawatt hour on the Amsterdam market, today we are traveling at nearly 150 euros and the decline is destined to last.

When will the bill also go down? Realistically from November, because Arera (the energy market regulator) will review the rent to be paid monthly. And it will cause the gas and electricity providers in our homes and businesses to adapt, leading to lower prices. One of many strikes in Italy against expensive bills (ANSA)

Moreover, according to market analysts, the different national governments will all adopt, although with different measures and percentages, supportive policies to impose onerous bills on households and businesses. This will also happen in Italy when the Meloni government takes office. In the meantime, a European decision is awaited, which will finally impose a ceiling price.

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