“Love without measure”: Peter Dinklage, of “Game of Thrones”, talks about the controversies of the comedy with Leandro Hassum



Netflix’s latest comedy, “Love Without Measure,” sparked a lot of controversy over the famous jokes about people with dwarfism in the story – and the fact that Leandro Hassum was cast to play a short character.

Now, in a recent interview with Folha de S. Paulo, actor Peter Dinklage, known for playing Tyrion Lannister in the acclaimed “Game of Thrones” series, spoke about the damn capacitation promoted by the feature film and even criticized the film industry to always let the money speak louder.

“I watch movies from the past and unfortunately if something pays off it will repeat itself. We are talking about an industry after all, ”he commented.

Dinklage goes on to speak of representation and romance in films: “Beautiful people haven’t monopolized love itself. Love is universal. I know we love going to the movies to see beautiful people, but there are a lot of other stories and they need to be told. But that’s a very complicated question, because we, the actors, have to be very careful not to offend people, and at the same time, our job is basically to play people who have nothing to do with us. So this creates a complicated impasse ”.

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Since lawyer Ivana Cornejo (Juliana Paes) divorced, her love life has stagnated. One day, when he loses his cell phone, luck strikes: a friendly and funny man calls saying he has found the device. They decide to have a coffee, and when Ivana finally meets Ricardo Leão (Hassum), she is surprised by his stature.

The cast also includes Elizângela, Marcelo Mansfield, Marcelo Laham and Luana Martau, with special appearances by Rafael Portugal, Carol Portes and Rogério Morgado, and the debut of Pietra Hassum.

‘Love Without Measure’ is a remake of the Argentinian film ‘Corazón de León’. The Brazilian version is directed by Ale McHaddo, with a screenplay by Michelle Ferreira.

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