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LOVE 80s teen comedies turning 35 in 2022



Only those who lived through the infamous 80s know what an unforgettable time it was. Yes, it was a politically incorrect decade, but it was also the emergence of many concepts that would forever change popular culture and our relationship to entertainment and film. It was in the 1980s, for example, the consolidation of the so-called blockbusters, that is to say the heyday of entertainment cinema, films that were released in theaters and became larger than life, becoming part of our daily. Movies that are talked about and loved to this day – like Back to the Future, The Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Top Gun, Karate Kid and many more. This is also the time of the emergence of video rental stores, stores that younger people may have heard of. These places, which were used for the physical rental of films to watch at home, undoubtedly contributed to the popularity not only of the said films which had become eternal, but also to the survival of other productions which had died out during their stay on the big screen. screen. . .

Another element that has helped a lot in this proximity of films to their audience is the exposure on television channels. Each country had a channel or channels open to the entire public which served to introduce a whole generation to the most varied film productions. In Brazil, the main cicerones were Globo and SBT, which brought happiness to many children, adolescents and adults. Cinemas and video libraries may not be accessible to everyone, but thanks to television screenings, everyone could see the great successes of the seventh art and fall in love. With this in mind, we have decided to pay tribute to this very special time, remembering a program specializing in the screening of films that have entered and never left the popular imagination, Sessão da Tarde, on Globo. Here, we will remember with you some classic teen comedies that are presented there, which will celebrate their 35th anniversary in 2022. It is not nothing. Check.

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An absolute classic of the Afternoon Session, Three O’Clock High in the original title (referring to the closing time of classes in American high schools) was released on October 9, 1987, produced by Universal Pictures. What many may not know is that it is also produced by Amblin Entertainment, the studio of a certain Steven Spielberg. It turns out that the director had his name removed from the credits, leaving only that of his company. This had previously only happened with one Spielberg-produced film, the western Fandango (1985). Either way, Spielberg didn’t like the end result and wanted the disqualification. It turns out that the director of Tubarão wanted something closer to Karate Kid (1984), but director Phil Joanou decided to take inspiration from Martin Scorsese’s films, in particular After Hours (1985), creating a film for teenagers full of suspense and nervous moments. forget the humor too.

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Another strong influence of the film was the Western Kill or Die, a 1952 classic with Gary Cooper – which does not coincidentally have in the original title the hour of the duel which will take place between the protagonist and the villain, and which moves the plot: High Noon, or noon. In the plot of Te Pego Lá Fora we also planned a duel, but an after school fight – something every teenager can relate to, especially those who grew up in the 80s and 90s. because the calm Jerry Mitchel (Casey Siemaszko) will essentially be up against a psychopath straight out of hell, as Buddy Revell (Richard Tyson), a big guy who seems invincible and unstoppable, a transfer student with serious social problems, who don’t like to be touched. been abused in the past). And what does our hero do right now without knowing this information? That’s right, lean on him!

In the 1980s, certain names reigned supreme in teen comedies. One of them was undoubtedly that of the redhead Molly Ringwald, a striking presence, as well as that of the director John Hughes, and which continues to be sung by the younger generations. It is no coincidence that Ringwald and Hughes collaborated on certain projects that served to elevate the name of the two at the time. Movies like Pussycats (1984), Clube dos Cinco (1985) and The Girl in Pink-Shocking (1986). So the following year, continuing the three successes mentioned, Molly Ringwald starred in this The Pick-Up Artist (something like the catch-up artist), but without the presence of John Hughes (who had no involvement in this production). Released by 20th Century Fox on September 18, 1987, the work brought forth the presence of another teenage name at the time, who managed to consolidate after many ups and downs, becoming Hollywood’s biggest star. today. :Robert Dowey Jr. – thanks to the Marvel movies, where the hero Iron Man lives.

While Molly Ringwald was the darling of the genre at the time, having starred in some of the most iconic films, Downey Jr. won the chance to star in her first film with O Rei da Flirt exactly 35 years ago. The actor had already participated in some successful films at the time, of course, like Woman Note Thousand (1985) and Back to School (1986), but always in supporting roles. In the plot, Downey Jr. plays a young professional flirt, accustomed to distilling his tricks with unsuspecting young women. Everything changes in the bastard’s life when he finds his greatest challenge in the ways of Molly Ringwald, and he truly falls in love with the girl. It turns out that she comes from a troubled home, where she has to take care of her father and untie the knot he has tied by getting involved with criminals. The cast also includes Dennis Hopper, Danny Aiello and Harvey Keitel; and is produced by star Warren Beatty.

Another absolute classic of the Afternoon Session which turns 35 in 2022 is this Like Father Like Son (literal translation of the title in Portuguese). Produced by TriStar Pictures and released on October 2, 1987, the film is part of a very popular trend in the late 1980s: children’s comedies about the body and age swapping of the main characters. Other feature films that were part of this “movement” were Quero Ser Grande (1988), A Special Request (1988), Inside Out (1988), and A Different Dream (1989). It can be said that at the time, Tal Pai Tal Filho was the pioneer of this subgenre which would become a trend at that time. Directed by Rod Daniel, the same as The Boy from the Future (1985) and K-9: A Policeman Good for Dogs (1989), Tal Pai Tal Filho’s plot is simple and shows what happens when a surgeon super responsible Swap places with your relaxed teenager. Of course, along the way, the big lesson is to learn to put yourself in the other person’s shoes, to understand them better.

The secret of the production is the chemistry between the main actors, that’s what would make the film work or not. Thus, two very popular names from the 80s were chosen as protagonists: Living the father, Dr. Jack Hammond was chosen for the English short film Dudley Moore – who years earlier had scored in hits such as 10-year- Old Woman (1979) and Arthur – The Millionaire Seducer (1981), the latter a pop hit that reached the Oscars in some categories. Like Father, Like Son would become the new big hit in Moore’s career – who was a bit out of the limelight in films that didn’t quite hit what he expected. For the role of the son, the young Kirk Cameron was hired, then aged 17 and making his debut in his first film role. Cameron was well known at the time and successful in the Growing Pains series, which ran from 1985 to 1992.

Unlike the rest of the above on this list, this Maid to Order (in the original title) didn’t have a major studio behind its release. On the contrary, the studio responsible for distributing the film in the United States was the unknown New Century Vista Film Company. So on July 31, 1987, ready for the busiest North American box office season – at the height of summer and school holidays – this Cinderella tale lands in ’80s style. Director Amy Holden Jones was well known at the time for being an ardent spokesperson for feminism and her films reflected the cause, even if it didn’t always look like it. We owe him in particular the slasher O Massacre (Slumber Party Massacre), from 1982, which the studio subverted by not understanding the satirical intention of the filmmaker.

Holden Jones wrote and directed Cinderella Inside Out and his ace up his sleeve was the presence of Ally Sheedy, an actress who was one of the members of the teenage band known as the brat pack – including Molly Ringwald aforementioned also emerged. While the redhead was “America’s sweetheart”, Sheedy was the rebellious, alternative girl, taking on some of her personalities in Clube dos Cinco (1985). Precisely for this reason, Holden Jones believed he had a trump card in his hands when he took the rebellious Sheedy and made her the typical spoiled, privileged preppy, whose greatest concern in life is the new dress she is going to buy and the new party she is throwing. go to. The plot subverts the 80s style of the Cinderella story, taking the opposite route and turning the princess into a Cinderella cat, in this case a maid. Same with the Fairy Godmother, played by Beverly D’Angelo (from the Frustrated Vacation franchise). It was another successful film in the afternoon session. Who remembers?

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Ending the article, this is the most misunderstood element that not everyone may remember. Despite this, however, it features an actor who enjoyed similar success in the 80s, when he was revealed in teen movies. This is John Cusack, then a young actor who had already participated in 8 classic films from the time he starred in this Hot Pursuit (in the original title). The film was released on May 8, 1987, with distribution by Paramount Pictures. In the film, Cusack plays a young man completely in love with his girlfriend, a girl from a wealthy family. The family plans a vacation in the Caribbean, but the boy finds out at the last minute that he can’t go because he has to take a chemistry test at school. So the girl goes without him next to her parents. In the 45th of the second half, the teacher abandons the test, and the unlucky one is free to “fly”, it turns out that the decision was too late, and the loved one has already set sail. Now the protagonist must chase after her, using every possible and imaginable means within his reach, to be able to enjoy this paradise with his teenage love. Even if before you have to live a real hell, with the right to kidnappers, criminals, corrupt police and even pirates – that is to say everything the 80s are entitled to.

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