Lorraine Bracco: The Life of Acclaimed Actress



French American bloodborne is a beauty that is hard to ignore, so that we will fill you in on this emerald-eyed actress! She is no other than Lorraine Bracco, who has been a charming girl since she debuted in the 1970s. 

She quickly became a Hollywood actress with an experiential journey that will inspire you! So, read ahead to learn more about her background and achievements, whether she is still active in her acting career and some personal details about her private life journey. 

Who Is Lorraine Bracco? 

Lorraine Bracco is an American actress with nomination achievements in the Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards and Academy Awards, among others. This mixed beauty of French, American and Italian descent proves her charm with the success she garnered as she ventured to become a class actress. 

She is known distinctively for her soft raspy voice, renaissance looks, dark locks, and green eyes, with a passion for conquering her audience. To start with some detail about her, she officially began her career in 1979 with a film play adaptation known as “Duos sur canapé. 

Nevertheless, initially, she only dreamed and worked to become a supermodel in 1974. However, that changed as the era of the ’80s brought her luck, which changed her perspective, and she decided to explore the acting field. She began her modeling career back in France but eventually moved on to perform her roles in Italian films! 

However, in 1987 she debuted in an English movie called the Pick-Up Artist, followed by many until her breakthrough part as the supporting role in Goodfellas, released in 1990. She won nominations for this role with a Best Supporting Actress for Academy Award and Golden Globe Award. After acting in many major English movies further on, Lorraine Bracco decided to shift towards television series like the HBO series “The Sopranos.” 

Life Before Stardom 

Lorraine Bracco was born in the brooklyn borough region of New York City, a.k.a; the Big Apple, on the 2nd of October, 1954. Her parents are Eileen and Salvatore S. Bracco, the source of her French and Italian genes. Lorraine grew up and graduated high school in Hicksville, NY, which shaped her for her further endeavors until 1974. She traveled to France, hoping to settle and pursue her modeling career. 

Lorraine Bracco Career Journey 

As Bracco spent the mid-1970s in France, she got the opportunity to work as a fashion model for the french fashion designer Jean Gaultier. As she made herself firm as a supermodel, she got her first acting opportunity from the french playwright Marc Camoletti in 1979. This changed her path from merely showcasing as a model to acting and presenting herself through the acting channel. In the beginning, Lorraine Bracco didn’t feel confident in her acting skills; however, that changed as financial conditions and luck. She decided to get the rightful training she sought to become a professional actress. 

Some of the 1980s went by as Lorraine Bracco found her footing in the industry. She even worked as a Jockey for the radio network Radio Luxembourg. Eventually, she got her first impactful role in an Italian film called “Camarro” directed by the Italian novelist plus director Lina Wertmuller. This was when Lorraine Bracco learned the creativity and vastness of the film industry as she learned from the experience she got under Wertmuller! 

However, Bracco’s major turn was when she played the role of the mobster’s wife in an American Crime Biographical film, “Goodfellas.” This role was where she was recognized for her deserving performance and won the Los Angeles Film Critics Award and Chicago Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress. 

After this, she played in various films, but she ventured on to challenge herself to perform in the drama series called The Sopranos, which ran till 2007. Lorraine Bracco believes in challenging herself as an actress; only then does she believe she could do justice to the profession and her 

growth! So, instead of performing as the lead character of Carmelo Soprano, she chose to perform the psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi’s role. This truly worked for her, as she won nominations consecutively for the best TV actress in a drama at Golden Globes, Emmy Awards and other prestigious award ceremonies for the years the show ran. 

Lorraine Bracco then starred in all seven seasons of the TNT crime drama called Rizzoli & Isles till 2016. By 2020, Bracco appeared in the documentary “My Big Italian Adventure,” where she showed the renovation of the 200-year-old Italian villa she purchased. 

Her recent work includes her role in the voice acting of the character Sofia the seagull in the acclaimed remake of Pinnochio, released in 2022! She also has a winery named Bracco Wines!

Private Life 

Apart from her constant journey of growth and success as an acclaimed actress, she wed twice, although both marriages ended with time. 

Lorraine Bracco first tied the knot with Daniel Guerard, a Frenchman, in 1979; however, it only lasted 2 years until 1982. Her first marriage bore her a daughter who grew to follow in her parent’s footsteps, Margaux Guerard. 

After that, she was in a relationship with the Hollywood actor Harvey Keitel with whom she also has her second daughter, who was born in 1985 and named Stella Keitel. 

Bracco again gave a shot at marriage and married the famed American director, producer and actor Edward James Olmos in 1994. The marriage continued until 2002 when they parted ways and divorced. 

Other Achievements 

Apart from the various prestigious nominations and awards she has achieved rightfully for acting, she is an enthusiastic practitioner of Shotokan Karate. 

Lorraine Bracco also published her self-guidance book in 2015, “To The Fullest: The Clean Up Your Act Plan To Lose Weight, Rejuvenate, and Be The Best You Can Be.” This indicates her passion for personal health growth and love for healthy living! 

Bracco also published a personal memoir, “An American Life: My Path From Brooklyn To The Screen.” This details her life and private journey and is reflected and worded by herself.

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