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Lorenzo Crespi, from fiction to sad illness: how is he today



Do you remember the actor Lorenzo Crespi? He was once hugely popular, but in recent years his television presence has dwindled considerably. That’s how she is after illness.

There was a time when Lorenzo Crespi was one of the most famous men in the world of television. After playing a few roles, the series that dedicated him to success was Carabinieri, where he played the brave Marshal Tommaso Palermo. From that moment he became very famous, but at some point he practically stopped appearing on television. Did you know the reasons for this sudden withdrawal from the scene? There’s a disease to do with it.

lorenzo.crespi.solocine1Lorenzo Crespi young –

Unfortunately, working in the entertainment world is not easy at all. Keeping your popularity high and continuing to pursue your career is difficult and not everyone is successful. Many characters who were very famous just a few years ago have now stopped working on television. The reasons may be different, but often health is also involved.

This is what happened to Lorenzo Crespi who, during a guest on Caterina Balivo’s Come to me show, recounted his experience. The entertainer, in fact, was at the height of his success when he was forced to cut his working hours due to physical problems.

Lorenzo Crespi, from television to lung disease

Today, Lorenzo Crespi has almost completely abandoned the television environment. After a decent career in front of the screens, he is now passionate about falconry and devotes himself mainly to this activity. He kept social profiles and here he often posts photos and videos where he tells fans about his new lifestyle. On the other hand, we don’t know much about his love life: he has no children and for the moment he seems to be single.

During the animation of Caterina Balivo’s old show (it was canceled in 2019 because the presenter preferred to devote herself to the family) she said that she discovered around 2010 that she had lung problems. At first, the actor neglected these signs and for this reason, within four years, he got much worse. The alarm bell has turned into a real disease.

lorenzo.crespi.solocine.  todayLorenzo Crespi today –

Luckily today the former Carabinieri star has recovered, but he explained that he has no longer worked in the entertainment world due to health reasons. Additionally, during a host by Barbara D’Urso, he revealed that he lives in poverty and has various economic issues. He continues to nurture the relationship with fans on social media, but admitted he feels left out by television.

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