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Loredana Bertè asserts herself as an icon of the pop-rock music scene. The artist is like a river in flood and her projects always manage to surprise the public who have followed her for years in all her musical and private adventures. But this time his passion for music leads him to a new world, never before explored by the artist, that of publishing. The singer, in fact, will be the curator of the new Mag-Book that will be released in December for ReWriters.it.

Unmistakable blue hair and a scratchy tone that represents the strength of a woman who always knew what she wanted and managed to achieve her goals, albeit with some difficulty. Loredana Bertè is precisely that woman with a capital ‘D’ not only in her career, but also in her private life. Her passion for music throughout her life experience has always accompanied her at every opportunity and continues to do so today.

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But this time, Loredana Bertè wanted to explore a new world, always through music, that of publishing. It will be the artist, in fact, who will organize the new December Mag-Book for the famous portal ReWriters.it. For the occasion, the singer has requested the collaboration of 23 other artists with an upcoming number, which brings together pillars and new revelations from the Italian music scene.

Loredana Bertè is curator of the new Mag-Book dedicated to music

Just Loredana Bertè has been chosen by ReWriters.it to organize the new issue that will be released in December, the last of 2022, which will be entirely dedicated to music. And who better than the artist has managed to sum up this intrinsic theme even with the reality that surrounds us and which manages to create new paradigms and imaginaries each time. The result already seems to be an announced success, thanks also to the help of 23 additional artists from the Italian music scene, including icons and new revelations, who have helped the artist in this new, unprecedented journey in publishing. Achille Lauro, Aida Cooper, Al Bano, Chiara Galiazzo, Clementino, Danti, Ditonellapiaga, Elodie, Eugenio in Via di Gioia. And again, Filippo Margheri, Francesco Gabbani, Giovanni Caccamo, Giordana Angi, Ivan Cattaneo, the representative of the list, Mariella Nava, Noemi, Nina Zilli, Orietta Berti, Riccardo Zanotti, Senhit and Tommaso Paradiso. These are the signatures that will be present on the new Mag-Book which will be released in December.

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The music also accompanied her in the editorial experience

A new experience that has already ended for Loredana Bertè, who is only waiting for the publication of the new Mag-Book of which she will be the protagonist with her inseparable life partner: music. “The result was a zibaldone of the most disparate writing styles, thoughts, experiences and feelings similar to my musical repertoire. This is how I wanted to conduct my “experiment” in the music business. edition. Like a mad conductor who no longer follows any score, “said the singer about the new editorial project. The theme of music will be approached in different variations, also in relation to society and the effects that this always pushing towards themes of inclusion, gender equity, anti-racism, even talking about the climate crisis.

Courtesy of the press office

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